Newsletter #97

AI Prompt Guide | Content Strategy Template | AI Speech Recognition | WhatsApp for Business | Personal AI Avatar | CV In Google Search Style | and more

Welcome to Creators of All Trades newsletter #97!

Welcome to the first issue of this newsletter under its new name – Creators of All Trades. New name, new layout, new email marketing app. Read more about all the changes in the Fresh van Root section below. Along with these changes comes introducing a new category: Each issue features an instantly applicable trick.

The idea is to give you something to try out immediately.
The category “One More Link” is renamed “Off-Topic Links” – which is more descriptive of the stuff shared in it.

Hit reply and let me know what you think about it and if the newsletter looks great on your device.
Stay fresh and happy digging.

Hand-Picked Content

AI Prompt Guide

PDF, 60 pages

Knowing how to prompt an AI correctly is now an essential skill. This guide gives many examples you can customize for your needs.

Content Strategy Template

Blog, 5min

Superpath is a community site that caters to content marketers. They offer several products, from courses and newsletter ads to a paid community. This blog post explains the thought process behind creating their content strategy, and a Notion template shows the result of it.

Learning Advice

Blog, 5min

Consistently writing about what you learn pushes you to understand topics better. Be it in a personal notebook or on a public blog – writing requires you to articulate your thoughts clearly. This post outlines a framework for how to do it.

Instantly applicable trick

Understand your data with the help of AI

Have you ever sat before a giant data table and did not know what to make of it? Paste it into ChatGPT and ask for an analysis.A simple example:

  1. Download a data report for any of your social media accounts.
  2. Prompt: Analyse the following data of my [social media account]. The data represents Impressions|Follower Growth|Reach|…
  3. Paste the data table next to the prompt. Be sure to have the first row showing the column title included.
  4. See what ChatGPT makes of it

This trick can give you a kickstart into analyzing your data

Tools & Apps

AI Speech Recognition

Web App

Whisper is an automatic speech recognition system published by OpenAI that allows you to create human-level accuracy in English speech recognition. You can try this web app and record from your device’s microphone.

WhatsApp For Business


A popular method to stay in contact with customers is WhatsApp. Armin is a solution for small and large businesses to run campaigns on the platform. 

Personal AI Avatar


Instant audio translation has been around in many apps for a while already – the difference with this web app called HeyGen is that the movement of your lips is also matched with the translated video. Demo

CV In Google Search Style


Publer is a no-BS publishing tool without feature bloat. Create posts, publish them instantly, or schedule them. It comes with a friendly free plan, which is uncommon nowadays. More

LinkedIn Profile Frame


An app to style your LinkedIn profile picture with any text banner you want. 

Fresh van Root Updates

Newsletter Refresh

Repositioning The Newsletter
This project has been in the works for quite some time and has reached its first milestone. It includes giving the newsletter a new name, layout, design, and content categories.

The name Creators of All Trades is a great umbrella term for what the content is about. Interesting content and apps for curious creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Check out the LinkedIn post.

What is a Creator of All Trades? There is a blog post up on our site explaining that. In a nutshell, someone who works cross-discipline or is multi-faceted interested. You! Read the blog post.

Tech changes: We migrated from Mailchimp to EmailOtcopus. Mailchimp is fine but has many features we do not need; therefore, we migrated to a service catering to people like us – creators, startups, and small businesses.

All these changes are a work in progress, and we are happy to get your feedback! Hit reply.

Off Topic Links



Estimate the year and place of a historical photograph.

Adapting to Change


Sometimes, change is forced on you, and you have a hard time accepting change. This article can help you to change your mindset.

The Deepest Breath


A documentary about one of the riskiest extreme sports: apnea diving.