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Scaling good and bad AI content | Async video messaging | AI content mktg opportunity | Level Up Smartphone Videos | Twitter Alternative | and more

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Highlights of this newsletter:

  • What “Godfather of AI” is fearing
  • How to scale misinformation campaign creation
  • Async video messaging on the rise

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Hello to 28 new subscribers. 👋 I’m Rolf from Fresh van Root. What’s Fresh van Root? A digital marketing agency working for tech startups primarily, and a content creation business. This newsletter features content and apps at the intersection of AI, marketing, productivity, tech, content creation, and social media – for curious minds. 

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

AI: A Call For Global Regulation From The Godfather (Article, 10min)

The race between Google, Microsoft, and others is leading to technological advancements in AI that could lead to developments of future technologies that are uncontrollable. Thus, global regulation is needed. That is what the godfather of AI is saying. Geoffrey Hinton embraced the idea of neural networks back in 1972. He and his team created a breakthrough technology that brought the algorithm that made it possible to spot objects in pictures. And he won the Turing Award for his work. Now, he resigned from his job at Google and joined the critics calling for regulation of AI, knowing that it might never happen—a highly recommended read. More

Content Creation: Harmful Use Of Content AI Tools (Blog, 5min)

Creating misinformation campaigns for spreading fake stories can be done within minutes instead of days. Tools like ChatGTP take some measures to avoid doing that, but it’s easy to trick AI tools into providing the harmful content you need. This blog post is a detailed how-to on how bad guys can use content AI tools to do that. More

Social Networks: A Invite-Only Twitter Alternative (Blog, 5min)

Bluesky is a Twitter alternative similar to Mastodon: It is based on an open protocol and has gained popularity as a safe space compared to Twitter. You can sign up for the waitlist or get an existing user’s invitation. Feature- and design-wise, Bluesky is a copy of Twitter. The article describes its current user base as Silicon Valley and tech insiders. Waitlist Signup | More

  • Bluesky is trying a similar growth tactic to Clubhouse: Building up hype for viral growth, unlike Mastodon. More

Content Marketing: A Fresh Approach To Video (Blog, 5min)

The Browser Company (makers of the Arc browser feat. in issue 79) is swimming against the current video trends on YouTube. An authentic, personable approach makes their videos stand out from the crowd. Read the case study about their activities. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Productivity: Async Video Messaging Tools

The tech to record video in your browser has become very reliable recently. Loom was one of the first tools growing big for quickly recording and sending video messages around—the promise: Save lots of time on meetings by sending video messages instead. Startups are building on that trend. Two of them are Claap and Bubbles. Both products are built around recording a video instead of meeting or writing and taking screenshots. Asynchronous video messaging is a fantastic trend and especially helpful when working in a team across time zones. If you often think, “And for that, we needed to get on a call!?” you should try these tools with your team. Screenshot | Claap | Bubbles

Writing: AI-Generated Content At Scale

It’s not a good idea to generate an entire article with AI and publish it online. Byword can be used to do precisely that. You provide a keyword or a headline, and the tool creates the article. It even has a “bypass AI content detection” feature and integrates with many content management systems. And the app is built to do that at scale. We tried it out with the title “The top 5 project management apps compared”. While the article was okay-ish, it failed – it only listed two apps. You can use Byword to create an ugly first draft of an article you have to write. Or to spin up a content farm, … Samples |  Screenshots | More

📣 Fresh van Root

AI Is A Content Marketing Opportunity (LinkedIn post)

A quick comment on a content marketing opportunity SaaS companies (not only) should pursue. More

Rize Productivity App (Invite Link)

An app for productivity nerds, featured in issue 89. If you join Rize using this link, you can get one month for free. In return, we get a month for free. More

🏞️ Your Next Wallpaper?

Prompt: A office worker standing in a factory. Overseeing an army of robots. Controlling them with a keyboard and mouse. Dark Gotham city-like setting. Clear facial features of the human. Photo realistic. More

Smartphone Videos That Wow You

This Twitter account shares top-notch videography tips to implement with your smartphone. Some of them are easy to apply. More