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The Next Big Thing in AI is called AutoGPT | Minimum Bar for Content | An OpenAI Rival | Microsoft Designer!? | Feature-rich Productivity tool | and more

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Highlights of this newsletter:

  • Reading tips on AI & content marketing
  • 2 design-related links
  • An app that makes audio/video podcast editing easy
  • A feature-rich productivity app
  • What’s AutoGPT!?

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Hello to 16 new subscribers. 👋 I’m Rolf from Fresh van Root. What’s Fresh van Root? A digital marketing agency working for tech startups primarily, and a content creation business. This newsletter features content and apps at the intersection of AI, marketing, productivity, tech, content creation, and social media – for curious minds. 

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Content Marketing: If AI Can Do It Better, You Got A Problem (Blog, 10min)

A few years back, everyone was talking about “10x content”. Whatever you create needs to be 10x better than what is available on the topic. In addition, your content should also be better than anything that AI-supported writing tools can deliver. Rand Fishkin calls this the Minimum Bar of Content. More

AI: AutoGPT Is The Next Big AI Thing (Blog, 5min)

Right now, you still have to do the chatting with AI. Based on the answers you get, you iterate to the next one. AutoGPT allows you to write a single prompt, and an AutoGPT-powered app will do the rest. Also, AutoGPT can browse the web and read and write files. ChatGPT, for example, can’t do that. In straightforward terms, AutoGPT can research and chat for you, serving you a result. This article is an intro to the topic with examples from different areas. More

  • Bonus: This is an app called AgentGTP to try out the concept

Web Publishing: Browse Your Website Content Via AI Chat (Blog, 5min)

The rise of large language models allows deploying AI chat to your website. In the future, instead of using an on-page search, you might use the on-page AI chat. It will generate answers based only on the content hosted on the site you visit. All that, of course, makes only sense if you have hundreds or thousands of content pieces. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Design: A Canva-like Tool From Microsoft

Canva took the world by storm. It made image creation for social media super easy by providing thousands of templates for every occasion. The company grew quickly and added lots of features in recent months.

Now, Microsoft joins the party with Microsoft Designer. You can start working on an image by describing what you want in a text prompt. After that, you get served image ideas that you can further fine-tune. Microsoft Designer is aimed at small businesses and startups (at least with its current feature set) and is free to use. Screenshot | More

Productivity: Track Your Time & Stay Focused

Rize is an app for nerds that want to track every minute spent on their laptops and increase personal productivity. The app tracks what you do on your computer and provides statistics. You can categorize your work time, start guided focus sessions, connect your calendar, and more. Rize (available for Mac & Windows) is feature-rich and takes some time to understand fully, but once set up can help you know how you spend your time in every detail. Screenshot | More

Creators: Edit Audio & Video Like You Edit Text

Descripts’ key feature at launch was editing podcast audio like you edit text. For that, it transcribes any uploaded audio file, and you change the transcript, which also changes the uploaded audio. Descript added the same capability for editing videos and many more features. One feature standing out is called “studio sound.” If you are not recording under perfect conditions, like from your laptop microphone, Descript can significantly improve audio quality. More

AI: A Rival To OpenAI

Cohere is a Canadian startup in the generative AI space, relatively unknown. The reason for that is its focus on enterprise customers and developers. It is also powering AI startups, for example, Hyperwrite. Cohere offers a glimpse into its capabilities with a dashboard creators can use to create a blog or social media post. Screenshot | More

Webdesign: Inspiration For Your Next Landing Page

This directory is browseable by landing page type and tool used to build it. Extensive collection. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Creators: Storyblok Creator Fund

We brought this campaign idea to the Storyblok marketing team and worked alongside them to bring it to life. Creators of all kinds can win $5000 to work on a content idea that explains the benefits of Storyblok to a marketing, developer, or tech decision-maker audience. Got a newsletter, blog, or podcast? Apply! More

📺 How To Create A Webpage With ChagGTP

In case you missed it: We published a blog post about using ChatGPT to create a landing page prototype. This post went from zero to number 1 traffic bringer within a week. Now, you can also watch a video version of the blog post. More

Fresh Blog: 13 Examples Of How Content Marketers Can Use ChatGTP

There are a lot of articles on that topic – and many of them are very theoretical, talking about the impact and showing one example. That’s why we created a hands-on guide with 13 examples of how content marketers can use ChatGTP today to fasten up processes. More

🏞️ Your Next Wallpaper?

Obama and Merkel are enjoying a day at the beach. Follow @julian_ai_art on Instagram to see more of this.

Time Travel IKEA Catalogues

Production of catalogs stopped a few years ago. More

Space Station Explorer

An ever-expanding animation scene depicting the everyday life of a space station. More