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Innovation in the email space | No Code Movement | New Browser War Upcoming? | SEO Basics | Presentation software

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Innovation in the email space

New email services popped up in my network in the last few months. Two I want to mention here are Consider and Superhuman.

Consider is an email client software “… designed to enable focus and flow”. One feature that caught my attention is the option to get email delivered at three different times a day (and get something done in between).

Superhuman got lot of buzz on social media. The feature most mentioned is its keyboard support. You can manage your email without using your mouse (depending on how many shortcuts you can remember). I asked via Twitter if there is full list of all supported keyboard shortcuts online, but got no answer. Users of the service fixed that already.

Both Consider and Superhuman do not offer free accounts (freemium model). Consider gives a 30-day free trial. Superhuman really wants you to use their product, you have to request access (it costs about $ 300 a user for one year). I also heard on a podcast that before you can start using Superhuman you are on-boarded via online call first.

Why am I sharing this? I am unhappy with ProtonMail and on the lookout to switch to a different email vendor.

No Code Movement

Sites and blogs that cover the #nocode movement pop up everywhere. Makerpad is a directory that explains and points to many available tools. It also shares stories of people building successful businesses without hiring devs to create their products.

Makerpad allows filtering by job function or tool category

Is a new browser war upcoming?

I am late to the game in checking out the Brave browser. The browser is heavily advertised and talked about at the moment. A browser that takes your privacy seriously is the zeitgeist now. It will be interesting how Google reacts to that if Brave browser gets a serious market share at some point.

The claim of the Brave browser

Also, Firefox is upgrading its privacy features constantly. The one reason I am still stuck with Chrome is performance. I tried using Firefox as my main browser this week but it did not work so well, you can feel the difference in loading times and that the browser slows down after more than ten tabs open.

SEO Basics

I am currently investing time in ramping up my SEO skills. This site lost traiff over the summer months, and I am investigating what the reasons could be (I have my gusses).

Read five to ten posts on the matter and you understand the basic concept. As soon as you research on specific topics mentioned within those overview articles you will arrive at forum posts that all they different things. So much mystery, but that makes it fun too.

Want to refresh your basic understanding of SEO, here you go:

Presentation software

I used PowerPoint most time in my career. As a former Microsoft employee, I knew the software inside out. After leaving Microsoft I was eager to check out alternative products. After being excited for Prezi for a short period I again used PowerPoint before moving to the Google cloud.

Now seems to be worth taking a look. Supercool startups need to use supercool presentation software. Pitch wants to be that app teams use to create awesome looking presentations. The investor’s page shows that other founders think the startup will be very successful.

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