Newsletter #67

The Loom Story | B2B on TikTok | Fake News On Twitter | Cool Mktg Dashboard Tool | A New Form Builder | Free Design Resources | And More

Welcome to Fresh van Root newsletter #67.
Browser-based video editing tools have upped the game in recent years. The one featured in this issue is standing out in the crowded market. Can TikTok vids drive traffic to your website? 2022 is the year many marketers will try that out. We like Seinfeld here at Fresh van Root. Great that there is now a site that streams the show 24/7. Have a great weekend. And as always, stay fresh.

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Startup Story: The Early Days Of Loom (Article, 10min)

Recording and sending a short video explaining something is excellent for asynchronous work. Loom had the right product at the right time for that trend. Loom today is a well-known product for many marketers and creators. It is heavily funded by venture capital and wants to be the YouTube for company videos. In this article, you can read the startup’s story on how it landed at creating the video service after pivoting away from other products it worked on. More

How B2B And SaaS Companies Are Using TikTok (Blog, 5min)

If you have read marketing predictions for 2022, you might have come across someone saying: This is the year I am evaluating TikTok seriously. TikTok seems good to drive traffic to external websites compared to other platforms. Brands utilize influencers on the platform and report back on fantastic results. This article shows some examples of SaaS companies successfully acquiring users from the platform. More
Just in case the above link does not work – here is a screenshot of the article

Social Media: A Coordinated Retweet Network (Article, 5min)

The Russian government runs a network of verified Twitter accounts and uses them to amplify wrong information. The automated moderation misses most fake news, and Twitter needs to put new policies into place. The article shows examples of how the retweet network works based on samples. More

Report on Remote & Hybrid Work (Report, PDF)

If you work under a boss who still thinks everybody needs to return to the office full-time, check this report with data on all the benefits of staying remote/hybrid. It might give you the reasons to convince your manager to think differently. More

Some Numbers On LinkedIn Growth (Blog, 1min)

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is growing fast and big. The LinkedIn app is downloaded 1million times per week. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Build Your Custom Marketing Dashboard

When it comes to creating marketing dashboards, the market is full of enterprise-grade solutions, which will leave most marketers confused. You won’t be able to set them up without hiring an external consultant or investing many hours by yourself. Klipfolio is different. It is a very intuitive interface and connects to all the marketing tools you already use. Try it out and build your first report in minutes. We have done so. Screenshot | More

Online Video Editor That Stands Out

Veed has been getting a lot of buzz recently. It caught our attention a while back, and the recent investment news caught our attention. Veed has a compelling feature set: Add subtitles, trim a video, add images/audio, change the aspect ratio of a video, apply a filter, draw on a video, and much more. We have to say: It stays out of all the browser-based video tools we tried in the past. Also lovely: You can try the editor without signing up for an account. More

Tally is an easy-to-use form builder with a great freemium option. With its modern front-end editor, type “/” and add field by field, a logo, and a cover image. The first draft of your form is done in 2 minutes. 1 minute demo | More

Personal Linkfeed Based On Your Twitter Account

Using Twitter to find interesting articles to read manually is a cumbersome task. Serendeputy is a service that connects to your Twitter account and surfaces the links your Twitter friends shared. This way, you keep out all the chit-chat that’s going on on your Twitter network. Example | More 

Free Design Resources To Download

Unblast is a directory of design resources you can download for free. To give you an example: Search for “Figma Instagram Template” and you will get Figma files (not only) to copy to your account and customize. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Figma Hacks for Creators & Marketers

Are you using Figma, maybe in a non-designer role? We think about a course for that audience: How to edit screenshots, create social media graphics, mockups, and other tasks creators and marketers regularly do in Figma.

🏞️ Your Next Wallpaper?

Rycerzowa, Poland | Unsplash

24/7 Seinfeld

Seinfeld Is perfect for shutting off from work. Here you can watch Seinfeld all day, for free. More