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Minecraft is the Metaverse | Polywork vs LinkedIn | Agile ToDo App Height | Snapchat filters for Zoom | Content Marketing Course | Cosmic Relaxation

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Repeating Yourself is Good (Blog, 4 min)

Brand impressions should focus on a single goal. Bear in mind that unaided recall to a brand increases after roughly 7 impressions. So, repeating yourself improves brand recall. More

Minecraft is the Metaverse (Blog, 10min)

Awesome read on why Minecraft is the metaverse big tech companies now want to build. It’s an open platform, decentralized, you are free to build anything you want, and it is hackable. Sounds very different from what Zuck has planned. More

“The Problem Is Him” (Article, 10min)

This is an interview with Kara Swisher, who met Zuckerberg multiple times for interviews. Her opinion is clear and plain: He is not capable of running a company that connects 2 billion people. More

Social Media: Explore Polywork As A LinkedIn Alternative (Blog, 5min)

LinkedIn wants to be everything at once – a learning platform, content- and social media network, a place to get hire and get hired.  But it is all tied to one profile with one job title. Polywork, on the other hand, wants to enable you to show the diversity in you. It asks you to add experiences, not job titles. This blog post outlines the approach Polywork takes compared to LinkedIn.

I admit that I haven’t logged in to Polywork for months, but blog posts praising it for being a great LinkedIn alternative keep showing up in my feeds.  Ping me if you need an invite code. More

Good or popular? (Blog, 1 min)

Why we should not mistake popular for good. Seth Godin brings it to the point. Again. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Project & Task Management

This app called Height looks like a cross-over of Todoist and Asana. I have played around with it for an hour and really liked it. If you are a small team outgrowing your to-do app, looking for an app that supports an agile workflow, this app might be it. More

Snap Camera – Add Filters to Your Calls

Add a Snapchat filter to your video call or live stream. A fun feature if you get bored of ordinary calls. But will you really use it more than once? More

A New Google Docs/Notion Competitor

Almanac is a new service that could be seen as a tool for writing and hosting your company manual, for peer-reviewing documents, and sharing your docs with the community. It’s still early on and it feels a bit rough around the edges (design-wise). Check an example document by the Almanac team | Try the editor |  More

A Course On Content Marketing

I asked around for a great course on content marketing. This one was recommended from multiple sources. More

Remove Objects From A Picture

Works really well. More

Hip Illustrations

I like these illustrations. They fit the Zeitgeist. Get the paid version and make them fit your brand. More

🔗 One More Link

Cosmic Relaxation

8 hours of NASA deep space scenery with music. More