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Website creation: Simple one-page sites

Do you remember The site was once popular for creating a business card-like website pointing to your presences around the web. Carrd is a more flexible and fresh-looking platform for creating your responsive landing-page about yourself. Of course, you can choose from many great looking templates, and coding skills are not required.

Carrd – Creation Wizard step 1

SVG Graphic Creation

Need some waves in your brand color? This little tool can be used to create SVG graphics to pimp your website, powerpoint presentation or any other material you need to create. Good looking waves can be a nice way to distract your audience from uninteresting content 🙂

Web Style Guide

I recently finished reading “Everybody Writes” (great book), to improve my English writing skills (hopefully). In this book lots of interesting resources were mentioned, one was the Web Style Guide.

If you are a marketer involved in website projects (who isn’t at some point) this seems to be a go-to resource for ramping up your skills. From creating a site structure to typography – all the topics discussed during a website project are covered.

The guide is already in its fourth edition and it’s a pity I haven’t heard about it before.

Be warned: It is a lot of text to read, the guide contains no explainer videos or fancy infographics. At the end of every chapter, you get pointed to lot’s of material to explore the topic in-depth.

The first paragraph of the Typography chapter

WordPress Theme

This theme called “TRU Writer WordPress Theme” allows visitors of a WordPress site to create posts without having an account. That could be useful for internally hosted WordPress sites for classrooms/peer learning groups etc.

You can visit this demo site and click on Write Now in the navigation to try it out.

The demo page for the TRU Writer WordPress Theme

WordPress Service

If you are developing a product that needs WordPress to run, you will offer potential customers a way to check out your product first. WPSandbox is a hosted service that can be used for that. No experience using the product, but their offering makes sense to me. Instead of setting up all the infrastructure on your own, why not rely on a service that takes care of that?

Search Engine Traffic from Google

This post was shared in my bubble multiple times, the headline is catchy enough to put it on your reading list.

The article seems to be about snippets and their impact. Bytes of information extracted from a page by Google and shown in the search results page. That, of course, results in less website traffic for the content creator.

Fun fact: Search on Google for “Instagram is dead what’s next?” and let me know what is shown as a featured snippet. 🙂

Social Media – Facebook Brand

There are known knowns

(c) Rumsfeld

Facebook decided to add a “from Facebook” element to the Instagram and WhatsApp logo. The reaction from the social media community was like “but why?”. That got me thinking if there is an official font that is used for the Instagram and Facebook logo. I wanted to make a little joke:

You can download the Instagram logo font, also a Facebook font is available.

Bootstrapped Startups

Founding your company, developing a digital product, bringing it to success, all without taking venture money? Many people do that, but our media world covers the big venture-backed startups that take millions of funding.

This Twitter thread celebrates bootstrapped startups.

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