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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Instagram Is Bad For Kids (Podcast, 30min)

I think it’s clear now that social media companies need to be regulated, their algorithms to be watched and monitored. More proof of that is the Facebook research data leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen. In this podcast, you can learn how the researchers inside Facebook work, and how their work is ignored for the sake of growth. More

Social Media: Twitter Professional Profiles (Blog, 2min)

One of the cool things on Twitter is that an account is an account. It doesn’t matter if you are Coca-Cola or Rolf van Root, we are all using the same type of Twitter account. That is about to change. Twitter is rolling out “Professional Profiles”. At the time, this is only available for people in the US. More

Company Handbook by Strapi (Website)

It’s absolute Zeitgeist for SaaS companies to be completely open about how they operate. To support that mission many of these young companies openly share their company handbook. Strapi, a headless CMS company, recently shared its company handbook publicly online. This is interesting for you if you want to learn about how a fast growing company is operating. More

Annual Blogging Statistics (Blog, 10min)

Orbitmedia surveyed 1000 bloggers on what’s working for them. Lots of data, but not divided between B2B and B2C. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Another Tool To Record Videos in Your Browser

A pitch, a presentation, a product demo – and more. Tella is a fresh approach to recording videos in your browser. It allows you to combine multiple clips in one session. A great Loom alternative. Check out the Example I created | More

Turn Google Slides Into A Video

TalkingDeck is a Google Slides add-on that makes it possible to create a video of your slide deck using the speaker notes as the narration. Great for short educational videos. Free to try it out. Example | Screenshot | More

A New Google Docs/Notion Competitor

Almanac is a new service that could be seen as a tool for writing and hosting your company manual, for peer-reviewing documents, and sharing your docs with the community. It’s still early on and it feels a bit rough around the edges (design-wise). Check an example document by the Almanac team | Try the editor |  More

The Tool That Supports Your Agile Team Workflow

Metro Retro, the tool I prominently featured on our blog gets a huge upgrade. More templates, new functionality, to better collaborate within your team. The intro video on the homepage gives a great overview of what the tool can be used for. More

A Mobile First Web Page Builder

Buffer released a new product which is integrated in its social media scheduling dashboard. A very simple page builder. Screenshot | More

Content Marketing: AI-powered SEO Writing Tool

Clearscope helps optimizing your content with an AI powered text editor. I am evaluating the product for a client project. Editor video demo | More

📣 Fresh van Root

#FreshBlog: How To Create A Waveform Video?

Lena recently evaluated a few tools for adding a waveform to a video. Check out her findings. More

Your Favorite Shortcut on Mac?

I just got my first-ever MacBook. What is one keyboard shortcut I should know? Hit reply and let me know.

🔗 One More Link


A happy & hypnotic minimal electronic music track from back in the old days. More

Photos: People & Nature

Check the winning photos of a contest hosted by The Nature Conservancy. More