Newsletter #58

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Welcome to Fresh van Root #58!

It’s the busy season again, oh how much we missed it?! Here are a few articles for your weekend, and a few apps I think it’s worth checking out. In this issue, my favorite content piece is the one about the impact your workspace has on your work, and I like the funny product launch video about a new web page builder.

Also: I am hosting the first-ever Fresh van Root online meet-up. More on that below. Stay fresh! Rolf

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Email Marketing: Say Good-Bye to Open-Rate Metric (Blog, 5min)

Apple changed its iOS email app to no longer allow tracking open rates (except users change the default setting). But it was never a good metric to look at, instead, switch to click tracking and maybe manually add UTM tags too. This post explains the changed policy from Apple and how some marketers approached the issue. More

Web 3: The Building Blocks Explained For Beginners (Blog, 20min)

There is a potentially fundamental shift ahead in how the web could function in the future. To understand it all, you need to understand the underlying technology and concepts, like Blockchain, Bitcoin, Etherum, non-fungible tokens, and more. According to the early adopters, this means the next web (web3) will no longer be controlled by big corporations, instead of by peer-to-peer networks. This blog post by Peter Yang is aimed at beginners and links to in-depth articles for each topic. More

How to Host A Large Scale Online Workshop (Blog, 15min)

Imagine hosting an interactive online workshop with a few hundred people? How do you do that using Miro and Zoom? Gojko Adzic is a well-known figure in the software development world and did exactly that. In this write-up, he shares his learnings. The tips shared can be applied in small-scale workshops too. More

How Our Workspace Influences Our Thinking (Blog, 7min)

If you have the freedom to organize your work desk and space around it you might end up with higher productivity and better thinking. This is the freedom I am enjoying and I don’t have planned to ever go back working at a corporate open floor plan office. This blog post shares the results of a study that shows how much impact your physical environment has on productivity. More

Product Launch Video (Video, 1min)

This is a unique product launch video for a new web page builder, that stood out in my Twitter feed. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Web Page Builder

Unicornplatform is a new web page builder with a known approach to building your web presence in your browser, of course without the need to write any code. What I like about it is that it is really fast, and that it already comes with a decent template library and that you can connect the most common services like Mailchimp, Airtable, and so on. Screenshot Page Editor | More

Virtual Office App

Tandem, the office/conference app featured in edition 42 of this newsletter got a big update. Now it’s making progress in the direction of replacing Zoom completely. With the new “auto-join” meeting feature you will never again miss a meeting (as long as you are in front of your machine). This startup is on to something. More

Multi Step Form Builder

If you are looking for a solution to build forms collecting lots of information across several pages, check out Growform. Templates | More

Video Calls in Brave

Privacy-focused browser Brave gets a video call function. You guessed right, to use the new feature you need the Brave browser. One-on-one calls are free, for group calls you need a paid account. More

Stock Videos, Audio, Images on Subscription

Storyblocks offers a $ 30/month subscription for unlimited stock downloads (videos, audio, images) for your next content projects. The site also offers a web-based “maker” app. Examples | More

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The Busy Season Started Again

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