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7 recommendations from on the road.

Welcome to Fresh van Root #57!

How is it going? Today is the last day of a 2-week vacation with my family, we traveled through Austria and South Tyrol. Hikes in the mountains, good wine, meeting friends, simply enjoying life (Impressions). Now back to business on Monday. Here are a few recommendations from on the road. My favorite link in this edition is the article on transitioning from individual contributor to team leader. Stay happy!

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Marketing Career: From Individual Contributor To Leader (Blog, 15min)

When transitioning from senior marketer to team leader the skills required in your new role are completely different. What are the typical pitfalls and how can you avoid them? Lots of useful advice in this post from Reforge. More

Ray-Ban Stories: Facebook Knows It Better (Article, 5min)

Google Glasses failed spectacularly, Snapchat Spectacles had little success, now Facebook wants to do it better. In a partnership with Ray-Ban, Facebook launched its own Glasses. Record video, take photos, and publish them anywhere. My bet: It’s an interesting product, but it will stay niche, especially because it’s coming from Facebook. But the NYT reporter taking them for a test sees some potential using it, like dog-walking (no kidding). But to get a feel about what the skeptics have to say about this product, be sure to check out the comments section. More

Social Media: Facebook Work Accounts (Article, 2min)

If you are keeping your personal Facebook account active because you need it to manage Facebook pages and ad accounts, there is good news for you. Facebook announced “Work Accounts”. You can delete your personal account, and still manage a business. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Productivity: Draw Anything Together

Excalidraw is super easy to use in collaborative meetings, start with a blank canvas and invite your team buddies via link. No account is needed. Sketch, illustrate, draw, … More

Notebook For Creatives

Milanote is a notebook for creatives. Organize ideas and work on visual boards. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Improving Your Teams Work

A retrospective is an agile method that helps to reflect on and continously improve your work. Metro Retro is one tool that you can use to do that. In this blog post, I explain what the benefits of running a retrospective are, and how you can use Metro Retro to run them. More

🔗 One More Link

The Amazon Imperium (Book)

I am currently reading the new book by Brad Stone about Amazon, its called Amazon Unbound and focuses on the development of the last 10 years. I really liked his previous books about Amazon, AirBnb, Uber. More