Newsletter #56

Content Amplification | Web 3.0 | Blocking Google Analytics | Twitter Client Hypefury | A Better Zoom Client | Drawing Game | and more

Welcome to Fresh van Root #56!

How is it going? Summer is slowly coming to an end here. I hope you had some break from work and recharged your batteries. This issue of the newsletter is packed with great reads and app tips. My favorite piece is the mega-long article on NFTs and Web 3.

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FYI: This newsletter is for curious marketers, content/web creators, and entrepreneurs. Content & tool curation as a service, that’s the mission. Stay fresh! Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Content Marketing: When The Audience Doesn’t Show Up (Blog, 20min)

Your high-quality content might be enjoyable to read, but nobody is sharing it. What can you do about it? You need people that amplify your content. Which elements in a content piece lead to amplification? This post (which is, by the way, an enjoyable read:)) gives you some ideas. More

Web Analytics: How Many People Block Google Analytics (Blog, 5min)

Privacy is getting more important, and browsers like Brave or Firefox block Google Analytics by default. And tech savvy audiences like developers are very diligent to block all sorts of tracking scripts. So how big is the audience not showing up in your GA stats? This post (published on the blog of a GA competitor) shares some numbers on that. Discussion on Hacker News | More

Future of the Internet: NFTs & web3 – Hype & Reality & Future (Blog, 1hour)

This extensive article explains the state of NFTs and the role they play in a broader context (Web 3.0, Blockchain, Crypto) of the future internet. More

Startup Story: How This Startup Went Fully Remote During Covid (Blog, 6min)

A startup founder’s perspective on implementing the remote-only culture. From letting go of the skeptical thoughts about leaving the office, to fully embracing remote work and the downsides of it. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Growth Focused Twitter Client

Hypefury is a Twitter client that is all about increasing your reach and followers. Some of the cool features are the option to set recurring evergreen tweets, it resurfaces well-performing old tweets, and the creation of Twitter threads, to name a few. I trialed the product and upgraded it to a paid account, so I like it and recommend it to you if growing a Twitter account is a priority for you. Screenshot | More (affiliate link)

An Attempt to Make Zoom Calls More Useful 

Macro is an alternative Zoom client that adds depth and analysis to the work meetings. It has two modes: one for collaboration, where users can click on taps or objects behind other attendees’ bubbles, and a stadium mode for hands-on meetings and presentations. Participants’ text input is automatically added to a Google Doc. Techcrunch Article | More

Simple Feedback Surveys for Newsletters

Do you want to ask your newsletter subscribers to give feedback with one click? Try Feedletter. Or scroll down to try it out. More

Newsletter Advertising Marketplace

Bringing together content creators and advertisers is still largely an unsolved business problem. Swapstack is one take at this problem specifically for the email channel. I have heard good things about it and might try it out soon. Twitter Thread | More

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Drawing Game

New works by Banksy. More