Newsletter #54

AI Text to Speech tools | This meeting could have been an email | A list of brand/style guides | Snoop Dogg on Business | Facebook Fake Engagement

Welcome to Fresh van Root #54!

Sitting in the office and writing this newsletter in August is way easier when it’s raining. And it was raining here in Vienna while writing this newsletter. I have found lots of interesting stuff, and this issue turned out to be much longer than planned.

Hello to all new subscribers: this newsletter is for curious marketers, content/web creators, and entrepreneurs. Content & tool curation as a service, that’s the mission. Stay fresh! Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

AI-powered Text to Speech Tools: (Article, 5min)

You all have seen those scary deep-fake videos, but in what state are those AI-powered text-to-voice tools that we all can use today? This article explores some use-cases and features a few companies that are into that business. More

If you have missed it: I have taken one of those tools for a test. WellSaid Labs, which is also featured in the article. Listen

Remote Work: When to Meet In-Person or Virtually? (Article, 7min)

This meeting could have been an email! We all have thought that more than once. This article gives you 6 questions to discuss with your team to decide which type of meeting you should have. There is also a handy cheat sheet included. More

For Beginners: Anatomy of A Web Page (Guide, 20min)

This guide is comprehensive and targeting beginners that need to learn about all the basic elements a typical website has today. Are you working with someone who does not know what a hamburger menu or a breadcrumb navigation is? Forward this article. More

Long-read: Global Political Manipulation on Facebook (Article, 20min)

We all love those crazy good-looking numbers on our Facebook posts and ads. But how many of those interactions are fake? This is a profile of Sophie Zang, a former Facebook employee who worked on detecting those fake interactions. Long story short: Facebook is slow and unwilling to really do something about those fake accounts and interactions. More

Social Network Polywork Raises $ 13mio (Twitter Thread)

The social network for professionals, which I wrote about in this newsletter a few weeks ago, just got fresh money to spend on growth. If you need an invite, just reply. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Create Voice Audio Files From Text

WellSaid Labs is a tech company developing tools that you can use to generate a voice file based on your text input. You can choose from lots of different sounding voices and languages. More

Emulating the Office Vibe Virtually

Teamflow is a web app that makes it possible to walk around the office while working from home. Navigate on a map, and jump from room to room. Audio and video are on with a click. I keep discovering apps like these, let’s see how practical they turn out to be. Screenshot | More

Managing Work the Agile Way

Is your team working the “agile way”, organizing work in sprints, epics, stories and tasks? But your project management software not having the features for it? We at Fresh van Root work that way and are currently evaluating switching to Clubhouse. The company is soon changing its name to Shortcut, for obvious reasons. More

Brand & Style Guides

or complete “Design Systems”. Lots of them are public to consume and learn from. This is a list of over 100 of them. More

Email Me This Article For Later Reading

This browser add-on sends you articles to your inbox, and removes ads and all the other stuff that draws away your attention on a web page. More

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🔗 One More Link

How Snoop Dogg Does Business (Interview)

An interview with him in The NYT. By the way, his Insta is funMore

Electronic Music (YouTube)

This Metro Area album is on the edge between easy listening and dancing. I recommend it a lot. More