Newsletter #51

The Community Founder | Apple Marketing Philosophy from 1975 | Social Network Polywork | Online Learning Startups | Urban Planning

Welcome to Fresh van Root #51!

In issue 50 of this newsletter, I told you about Synthesia, an AI-based video creation tool. I took it for a test and you can watch the result in this video on LinkedIn or Twitter, or on our website.

Hello to all new subscribers: this newsletter is for curious marketers, content/web creators, and entrepreneurs. Content & tool curation as a service, that’s the mission. Stay fresh! Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

The Decade Of The Community Founder (Blog, 5min)

I don’t like the crypto-angle of this blog post, but the general theme of it. The post talks about a new type of founder, who builds companies by building a community. More

A New Breed Of Learning Programs for Professionals (Article, 5min)

This article features startups that have a fresh approach to online education. ReforgeOn DeckSection 4Maven, all cater to education-hungry professionals that don’t want to rely on corporate training or pure self-paced study. More

Your Newsletter Is Maybe Never Seen (Article, 10min)

Gmail is the most used free-mail provider these days, and categorizes newsletters as promotional in its default view. Not surprisingly, little is known how about how Google decides what counts as “promotional” email. More

Apple Marketing Philosophy from 1975 (1min)

This aged well, I would say. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

New Social Network Polywork

I created an account at Polywork, a new kind of social network that blends professional and social networking. I was told “It’s refreshingly different to LinkedIn” on Twitter. If you want an invite, hit reply. Screenshot | Techcrunch article | More

Test How Spammy Your Email Is

Mail Tester is a simple free service to check your message, server, IP address and gives you a “Spam score”. You can use this service to avoid getting into the junk folder. Screenshot | More

Chrome Extension for Heavy LinkedIn Users

Do you spend a lot of time using LinkedIn website/apps and constantly get distracted by its user interface? Check out LeadDelta. It’s a Chrome extension that gives you powerful features for managing your contacts (tagging, messaging templates, ..). There are many tools out helping you to automate activities on LinkedIn, and many of them have a shady nature. This one seems to be different. Demo Video | More

User Flows Inspiration

If you are involved in creating user flows, for example onboarding, upgrading and so on, this site is really helpful. You can browse how well-known products like Spotify, Slack, Notion, and others do it. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Summer Is Here In Vienna.

I am in exploratory mode. Do you know any interesting or good books I should read this summer? If yes, hit reply …

🔗 One More Link

Why Are Dutch Cities So Great To Live In? (YT channel)

This is a YouTube channel I can recommend if you are interested in urban planning and bikes. More