Newsletter #48

The Web Interface Guide | Stop Hopping from call to call | Time & Team management | Tool for hosting workshops | Free illustrations

Welcome to Fresh van Root #48!
This edition focuses a bit on productivity and tools for collaborating online. My favorite piece in this issue is the handbook for web creators. The desk I am writing this from is located in Gran Canaria, and I like the view.

Hello to all new subscribers: this newsletter is for curious marketers, content/web creators, and entrepreneurs. Content & tool curation as a service, that’s the mission. Stay fresh! Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Stop hopping from call to call (Article, 15min)

You already knew it, but now there is data to back it up: Taking breaks between online meetings is essential for not feeling burned out after a workday. Your brain needs time to refocus, and even just having short breaks between calls make it easier to allow your brain to do exactly that. Microsoft Research did a study on this. More

A comprehensive guide on time management (Article, 20min)

A well-written guide with lots of tips and tricks to improve your time management, published on the blog run by the team behind Todoist/Twist. I also recommend checking out their blog, which is full of interesting articles about organizing work and productivity. More

For Web Creators: The Web Interface handbook

Are you involved in web projects, need to work with designers, developers, or occasionally create web pages yourself? This guide is great for improving your knowledge – it explains everything from choosing layouts, picking fonts, colors, and so on. A guide you can bookmark and flock back to. More

Managing a team? (Article, 5min)

How should a manager communicate about a team? You get basic advice in this article. More

Profiles on creators (Article, 5min)

This article portrays creators that are successful in selling digital information products (Google Sheets, Notion files). More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Service for creators to host online events

Luma is a platform targeting creators that want to monetize their followership. It’s a very easy to use service for creating an online event, integrating Zoom (or Clubhouse :)) and connecting it to a Stripe account. I also like the design and user experience of the service. Apart from the online event feature, it comes with the option to start a newsletter or a membership program. A very timely service that could power the creator economy. More

Host interactive online workshops with Butter

Butter is the service to try out if you need to host interactive online workshops. You can put together an Agenda, add timers, create breakout rooms, chat, and it integrates with Miro, Google Drive, YouTube and a whiteboard. This is especially interesting if you relied on Zoom for hosting Workshops in the past. More

Create presentations based on Markdown files

This is a really cool concept, but it is clearly only targeted at lovers of Markdown formatting language. More

Illustrations about tech processes

The PNG version is to download for free. More

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🔗 One More Link

AI-generated faces for sale

Welcome to the future, in which you create an artificial photographic picture of a nonexistent person and then pay a company to get your creation without a watermark. More