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Screen recording app hubcap | Screenshots with Screenzy | Send newsletters from WordPress | Manipulate images with GANPaint | HelpScout customer chat solution | Headline analyzer tools

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⚒️Tools & Apps & Services

Hubcap claims to be “the first install-free screen recorder”. A nice little tool to quickly share a screencast. Download option available. Recordings will be deleted after 2 weeks.

Check a recording I created.

Do you need screenshots with a gradient background? Check out Nothing special, but if you work on a slide deck and need a fancy version of your screenshot this tool might help. It reminds me of, that does a similar thing, except the background fanciness.

Images cut into pieces / overlaying rectangles have been a thing on Instagram for quite a while now. Swipemix is an iOS app that allows you to use this effect without having any Photoshop skills. We will feature this and other Instagram apps in a blog post coming next week.

MailPoet is a plugin that allows sending a newsletter from the WordPress dashboard. I never heard about the plugin before but it seems to be around for quite a while and got a major overhaul.

If you do not need the feature richness of MailChimp for your business and already use WordPress day-to-day this could be an interesting option. (via Yoast blog)

This tool called GANPaint Studio allows adding and removing an object from an image. Right now this only works with a specific set of images. You can remove chairs in a picture of kitchen, but you can’t upload a picture from a sleeping room and remove the bob ross painting (yet). Somewhat related: How to Quickly Customize Unsplash Pictures (Plus What the Next Unsplash Might Look Like).

HelpScout seems to be an alternative to Intercom. Pricing starts with $20/month compared to $87/month for Intercom. That seems the main reason why someone in my network changed from Intercom to Helpscout. WordPress is listed as a supported integration partner, so adding a live support chat to your site will be easy.

On my reading list is this post by Kinsta about headline analyser tools.

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