Newsletter #32

50mio content creators | Livestorm event platform | Page builder updates | Automate marketing tasks | and more

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

50 Million Content Creators (Blog, 10min)

Independent content creators are the fastest-growing type of small business. This report shares statistics, trends, tools about the content creator economy. More

The Boom Of Young Animators On Tik Tok (Article, 5min)

27hours invested in one Tik Tok video. BTW: The app store ban is off the table, or postponed for now! More

A New Social Network For Kind People (Article, 5min)

It is called Telegraph, and you are asked to be nice. It’s invite-only at the moment. More

Hands-On Advice For Bloggers (Blog, 5min)

You will get lots of practical advice and motivation to keep/start blogging in this post. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

A Promising Live Video Solution

We checked out Livestorm, a platform for hosting live webinars. The platform has an interesting feature set and integrates in your existing marketing tool stack. More

Big Elementor Page Builder Update

Building a consistent website experience with Elementor was hard in the past. Features recently released address this issue. More

Automate Repetitive Marketing Tasks

Parabola is a no-code/data-automation platform that allows you to combine data sources and automate repetive marketing tasks. Check this example of a fully automated travel newsletter. More

Another Page Builder

Softr is getting lots of buzz in the no-code universe. It is often mentioned as a Dorik alternative. I will take it for a detailed test soon. More

“Add Event To Calendar” Button On Your Website

If you want to get your events on your customers calendars, check out this service. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Motorola vs “smart” phone

I spent two weeks offline while on a camping ground in Italy. This only worked because I put away my smartphone. Conclusion: I am coming back more relaxed and will do this more often. More

🔗 One More Link

How many objects can you guess?

Being older is an advantage when playing this game. More