Newsletter #30

5 TikTok competitors | Webdesign color schemes | Slide Deck App Projector | Podcast tips | and more

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

What’s an exchange-traded fund? (Article, 4min)

A lot of people claim TikTok is useless and doesn’t bring anything apart from funny clips. However, this guy proves them wrong, while making educational TikToks on investing. More

What is the internet doing to us? (Podcast series)

A podcast (9 episodes) about what the internet is doing to us. NYTimes tech columnist Kevin Roose explains how it can pull people in extreme directions. More

Choosing Website Color Schemes (Article, 10min)

Everyone involved in website projects should know the basics and importance of color schemes. Good introduction to the topic with examples, by the Elementor team. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

5 TikTok Alternatives You Should Know About

You might have heard about the upcoming ban of TikTok in the US. 5 apps that could benefit from that. More

App For Creating Slidedecks, Insta Stories, And More

I am evaluating this app for a client project. It has an interesting feature set, including the option to download presentations as videos. (Presentation example). More

Headline Analyzer For Bloggers

It does not write headlines for you, but tell you what to change. Type in several versions of your headline and compare the results. More

Fresh Note-Taking Apps

A Twitter thread promoting alternatives to Evernote/OneNote or other mainstream note-taking apps. More

📣 Fresh van Root

The SEO community is going crazy because of a (potential) Google search algorithm update. It seems that’s good news for us: is getting more traffic in the last couple of weeks. More

🔗 One More Link

Satoshi Nakomoto (YouTube)

I enjoyed watching this three-part documentary (“The Most Elusive Identity”) about the mystery figure Satoshi Nakomoto, the alleged Bitcoin founder. In general, I can recommend the YouTube channel by Barely Sociable. More

The Silk Road Story (Book)

I am half-way through this book that chronicles the Silk Road Story (and other dark corners of the web). Enjoyable and shocking read at the same time. More

And Two More Makes It 4 More Links

Legendary Pulp Fiction Scene – Tarantino On Set  More
I saw Feist live in Vienna 15 yrs back. Still love this music video. More