Newsletter #3

Tool for converting images to PDF | Slack competitor Mattermost | SVG animations tool | SEO tool Ahrefs | Web push notifications tool

Hello nerdy marketer, time for another round of our tool tips!

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I was looking for a service to convert 5 PNG files into one PDF (to share the PDF on LinkedIn). Google sent me to PDFCandy, and then I saw that this service covers lots of things related to PDF (convert, compress, etc.).


I’m a fan of Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Slack. I wrote several posts,

If I get it right, Mattermost ist targeting large corporations and teams working in sensitive areas / with confidential material. They are listing the US Army as one of their clients (and Uber – what do they have to hide? :)).

Telling from screenshots the UI looks very similar to Slack or Teams. The main difference seems to be under the hood: Specific security and compliance features, and an on-premise version.

Mattermost came again to my attention with the recent funding news.


You may have come across SVG files when working on websites. Typically logos or icons are often published as SVG. Scalability and file size are the main benefits of SVG. You can read a full article about the benefits.

SVG can also be used for animations. SVGator is a tool promising to create such animations “without writing a line of code” and “no steep learning curve”. If you are a marketing nerd and not a designer, that learning curve might be steep.

If you are a marketing nerd with design interest, take a look.


This tool seems to be very popular in the content marketer community. You can use Ahrefs to do keyword and backlink research, to name two of very common tasks content marketers have to do.

I have read about it a few times and we also get some traffic here on Fresh van Root from Ahrefs – so, it seems to be broadly adopted.

3 Ways to Find Number of Pages on a Website

We got a new client, for putting together a briefing on their online presence we wanted to know how many pages the website has published. This article shows a few ways how to do that (without access to the CMS).


Notifia seems to be a solution for all sorts of notifications and live interactions on websites. I am not a big fan of overlays that show up without user interaction. But if you are into that notifia seems to be a toolset for all that.

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