Newsletter #29

Voice Tweet Hpye is over | Uber will go bankrupt | WordPress launches P2 social (blog) network service | Cancel Culture | and more

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

About This Twitter Hack A Few Weeks Back (Article, 9min)

A portrait of the 17yr old teenager, who started his “career” as a scammer in Minecraft, before getting into cryptocurrencies and executing his most famous scam: making a Twitter employee believe that he should have the login details for several of the most famous Twitter accounts. More

Have You Heard About Coda? (Article, 4min)

“Build a doc that is as powerful as an app”. That’s the claim Coda, a startup for collaborating in online documents is making. A portrait of the company that wants to take on GSuite, Slack, and others. (Demo video). More

Voice Tweets Are History Already (Article, 4min)

The initial hype about the “voice tweets feature” was strong. I thought voice tweets could turn into a great new Twitter feature. Seems I was wrong. More

How To Run A Fully Distributed Company (Article, 2min)

A 2 minute summary of a one hour interview with Matt Mullenweg. As the CEO of Automattic, a company with 1200 employees spread across 77 cities, he is qualified to give tips on how to run a fully remote company. More

Uber Might Never Be Profitable (Twitter Thread, 3min)

Writer and activist Cory Doctorow on why Uber has never been profitable and why it may never be. The only way it could be profitable is if every public transport journey in the world would be an Uber ride. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

WordPress (Automattic) Launches Social Network Service

And I took it for a test. Nothing for mass adoption at the moment (it’s still in beta), but it will probably find its niche. More

FlowCV: A Free Online Resume Builder

Remember the good old days when you created a CV in Microsoft Word and how much it sucked? They are really over. More

Collect by WeTransfer

I am evaluating this service as my mobile companion for saving screenshots, links, files into boards. Cool but a bit pricey. More

Free Music For Your Next Project

ccmixter is a site where musicians upload music that you can use for free in commercial projects. More

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Microsoft And TikTok? A Poisoned Deal (Article, 10min)

A wide-ranging interview with Bill Gates on how the US failed on tackling the COVID crisis, conspiracy theories, and the role of social media in it. He calls the potential deal between Microsoft and TikTok a “poison chalice”. I am curious if Satya Nadella will call off the deal after this interview. More

Cancel Culture (Podcasts)

Two episodes of the NYTimes daily podcast focusing on cancel culture. Part 1 |  Part 2

Intricate Miniature Worlds (Pictures)

You have seen the pictures. Here’s the making of. More