Newsletter #27

New landing page builder tested | How conspiracy theories spread | A few more links

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

“The 100 hour asset” (Blog, 1min)

I am always surprised how much I can get done in a single hour fully focused on one thing. What about 100 hours? More

Show Your Work (Blog, 5min)

A new book review of this NYTimes bestseller from 2014. The blog post shares the essence of the book. More

“Do Your Own Research” (Podcast, 1hr)

A digital marketer got interested in how QAnon conspiracy theories spread online and talks about his learnings in this podcast. More

Analysis of YouTube Trending Videos (Article, 20min).

Probably more data than you need about YouTube. I found it interesting to learn about the top trending channels (in the US), and how their first uploads looked compared to what they publish today. More

Saying I Was Wrong On Twitter (Blog, 10min)

It’s hard for us humans to publicly admit when we posted something wrong. This post shares an idea for an “I made a mistake” feature on Twitter. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Dorik Is A Slick Landing Page Builder

The service is still in beta, but I think this could be a popular platform in the future. More

A New Breed Of Video Conferencing Tools

3 tools I am eager to check out. All in closed beta. “Clear compelling communication” More
MakeSpace “A place to co-create, co-work, or just hang out.” More “Quick, high-impact video calls for a new era of work” More

Markdown Editor

Zettlr is getting a lot of buzz recently. If you enjoy writing content or notes in markdown format, check it out. More

Illustrations For Your Next Project

Pay whatever you want (or nothing) for illustrations from DrawKit. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Fresh Updates

🎉 I am employee of the month at Fresh van Root. A video profile of me is up on LinkedIn. More

🔗 One More Link

A few more links, actually. I am assuming you might have a bit more time now to check out things not related to business.

Horror Move Made With Zoom (Movie Trailer, Article)

“Unsubscribe” it the title of a movie that was created by YouTubers with Zoom. Trailer | More

Web Design Museum (Gallery)

Let’s not forget how websites looked back in the old days. More

Disney World Opens (Commercial)

Watch this totally official commercial with sound on. More

What Happened To The Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong? (Podcast, 25min)

A new law forced by China changes the life of Hongkongers forever. More