Newsletter #22

Create searchable transcripts of meetings | Making money on TikTok is hard | Pictures of horses | CMS for timelines | The Email Charter

Hey, welcome to edition #22 of our newsletter for curious marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs with a hands-on mentality. Content and tool curation as a service, that’s the mission of this newsletter.

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

NoCode Introduction & Examples (Article, 10min)

Creating apps and websites without writing code – there are thousands of services to do that today. This article tells about the benefits and critics of NoCode platforms and shares some projects created with such tools during the pandemic. More

The Promise and Risk of a Career in TikTok (Article, 12min)

Despite the myth of democratization of social media, they are still deeply unequal. A career in social media can last just a couple of months or for years. Here are some opportunities and risks of a career in TikTok. More

Clubbing Under Quarantine (Article, 3min)

Lockdown makes us more creative. For instance, people have come up with an idea of attending concerts and raves without violating the quarantine: people are now paying to go to a virtual dance club in Zoom. More 

The Email Charter (Article, 4min)

Team-chat and video-conferencing solutions often lead to more distraction. Let’s not forget how to craft a good email. 10 actionable tips to improve your email skills. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Record Meeting Conversations And More With Otter.AI

Otter has been getting some buzz recently. It’s one of those apps that makes it possible to turn voice recordings in searchable transcripts in real-time. And it works really well. More

A Minimalist CMS For Your Product Changelog

Web-creators often want to show a timeline of events on a website. A service called Noticeable is made for that use case. More

Create Storyboards Without Having Drawing Skills

A web app with a big library of scenes, characters, and illustrations to build your storyboard. More

Customizable New Tab Page

Get greeted by a nice picture when opening your browser. Choose a tag that fits your mood and the background will change automatically. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Published on

Back in 2017, I wrote a post about the fact that new collaboration tools do not make you more productive. Before rolling out a new tool, read this post. More

🔗 One More Link

Just 15 Photographs of Majestic Horses in Iceland (Images)

It doesn’t have to be cats all the time. More