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Chrome extensions for video recording | AI editor for Word | Icon Library | Social media image creation tool | Meme Generator App

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⚒️Tools & Apps & Services

3 Chrome extensions to record video in your browser

Screen recording in your browser, including your webcam and mic recording. There are many Chrome extensions available to do that.

One I recently discovered was Soapbox. It is a Chrome extension developed by Wistia, a video marketing platform

Soapbox Chrome extension

Another extension I used in the past for the same task was Screencastify.

And in one of my last posts, I wrote about using Droplr for sharing screenshots. The Droplr Chrome extension is also worth taking a look for recording screencasts.

Blogging & Writing

Could this “AI editor” become a competition for Grammarly? Looking forward to taking a look. Won’t be available to the general public before this fall.

Icon Library – “World biggest” icon library. Got this into my feed via a sponsored tweet. Anyway, you might wanna take a look. 300 icons free to download if you sign up.

Another tool for social media image creation

PIXELIXE Studio – browser-based, free, easy customization of provided templates. Unsplash pictures included. Somewhat related a blog post from us: Ideas about how to customize your Unsplash pictures for your marketing needs.

Meme Generator App

“Meme Generator Plus” – An easy way to add captions to your photos and share them. Available for iOS and Android.

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