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TikTok vs Vine | State of Searchers | Logo Maker | Text to Speech Tool | and more

Welcome to the blog post version of our newsletter. In this post series, we feature apps/tools/resources for marketers content creators and entrepreneurs should know about.

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Text to Speech Tool

I recently needed to create a few audio files based on subtitles. To get the job done I checked out a few tools (there are many available thanks to cloud-based AI services for that). One that gives many options is NatrualReader.

You can copy/paste your text and listen to an audio version instantly on a free web app. Get started on a free plan or use advanced features like “premium voices” and import documents.

Screenshot at February 18th 2020 - 1.05.36 pm.png

Here is an example I created to promote our newsletter on social media.

Audio file created based on text to speech service

A New Logo Maker

Fiverr released a logo maker. Not that this is kind of big news in 2020. Logo makers have been around for quite some time for free on the web. Buf Fiverr is a marketplace to hire freelancers, so this is a move in a new direction.

Screenshot: Landinpage for Fiverr Logo creator

The Free Logo Maker from Fiverr launched on Producthunt, and as expected also triggered a heated discussion if the logos are good for anything. Yes, for your hobby or side project, for your low budget prototype, but not for anything serious.

I took it for a quick test, here are screenshots.

I do not know if the results are any better than compared to other logo makers. Fun fact: Fiverr wants you to pay for the automatically created logo, and I certainly don’t think this is a service you would want to pay for, except you absolutely fall in love with the AI-generated logo.

But try it out yourself.

Featured Content Section for LinkedIn profiles

LinkedIn launched a section to feature posts or articles in the top-area of your profile.

Featured content on my LinkedIn profile

Even if you do not hang out on LinkedIn a lot, you could use this section to link to articles or posts that showcase your skills.

Users will be able to add any of their LinkedIn posts to their Featured listing, while you’ll also be able to add links to external websites (for example your personal blog or portfolio), images and/or documents, in order to showcase specific aspects and achievements to your profile visitors.

via SocialMediaToday

Online Events Platform

Hosting conferences online got pretty common in recent years. Hopin is a platform that wants to be your one-stop-shop for hosting pure online events.

I requested access to the service and I’m hoping I get a chance to test it with a client later this year.

Share Quotes from Articles to Twitter

This browser extension called MentionIt (Chrome & Firefox) allows you to select a text on a website and share the quote to Twitter with an image.

This is how a Twitter post looks like using the browser extension. Note that the link to the source is not automatically added in the tweet text.

Screenshot of a tweet created with MentionIt browser extension.

I do most of my online reading on my smartphone these days, and right now this is desktop only. If there is an easy way to integrate MentionIt in the sharing process on my phone I would use it more often.

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