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Email for teams and customer support

I have discovered many new email services in previous months. Front came to my attention recently with the news of its recent funding round.

What it does is allowing you to work together on emails in a shared inbox.

The idea is that a team has access to the same inboxes and can discuss the emails and responses together.

Some of the features are

  • Assign emails to co-workers
  • Share a draft
  • Add comments via @mentions

Overall I would summarize this as brining some “Slack” feeling to email.

A note-taking tool for writers

Roam got a lot of buzz in my Twitter bubble.

In Roam, your notes are organized in daily notes and per default, everything you write is organized in bullet-point lists.

You can create pages in addition to your daily notes. If you love keyboard shortcuts you will love Roam.

You can link between your notes, by typing slash a menu comes up with options to link, create to-dos, and more. You can open a graph and see how all your notes are connected.

This product is still in beta, brings a fresh approach to note-taking. If you are looking for a nerdy notes app, this could be it!

Right now, this is a desktop browser only app – no mobile apps available! This is a tool for writers, not a tool to sketch, draw, paste images and draw over them, etc.

Reverse Image Search

Everyone knows Google Image search, but have you heard about TinEye? With TinEye, you can search for images by uploading, pasting or entering a URL.

The difference to Google Image search (which also allows uploading your own image you want to search for) is that in TinEye, you can still get a direct link to the image (removed at Google search results page), and you get more filter options (filter for specific domains, by date, best match).

You can use TinEye to check on how often an image was used already (i.e. an Unsplash image you intend to use), or find the original source of an image.

There is an option to sort the results “by most changed”. This way you can see how an image was modified over time.

New app to create six seconds clips- remember Vine?

Now all the craze is about TikTok. Vine founder regretted selling his company to Twitter (would you have turned down 30mio $?).

Now Byte app. Record your 6 second clip, get likes and comments, and reach influencer fame!

I liked Vine, used it intensely for a few months (like millions), TikTok is now what Vine could have been. But the focus on Music kept me away from TikTok.

Now one of the co-founders of Vine launched byte, a direct competitor to TikTok.

Follow me on byte @rolfvanroot, check out app reviews on YouTube.

Inspiration for your next email campaign

Really Good Emails is a website that collects and categorizes “attractive” emails. The site is around for quite some time but I never featured it before.

Keep in mind: Great email design does not mean a great click rate. Images are often not loaded in your recipients email clients, and bad design distracts from the content.

160 page marketing guide

The team at VISME – a visual design tool company – put together a 160-page ebook about marketing. It is all based on their experience and growth marketing efforts.

Looks comprehensive!

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