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Create a sitemap with a few clicks | Content curation on autopilot | A new | Face swap app - now for GIFs | Online Conference "Real Skills" | Test your typing speed

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Create a sitemap with a few clicks is a web app that allows you to generate a sitemap automagically. Took it for a quick test and I like it. The free plan comes with limitations of course but should help you to decide if the tool is at help for you.

Think not only about your own website but research about competitors.

Here’s a screenshot of the sitemap I created for

Content curation on autopilot

Quuu is a service that helps you with the time-intensive work of looking for interesting content to share on your social media profiles. Once set up, you can publish to your social media profiles via buffer. It’s up to you if you want to run on autopilot, or manually publish after taking a look at the content Quuu suggests.

I have used the tool after it launched years ago, and just re-activated to take a look at new features.

A new Face swap app – now for GIFs

Doublicat is an app that puts your selfie on a GIF. Take this famous Leonardo di caprio GIF and put your face on it.

I tried it and sent the modified GIF to my girlfriend, she did not recognize me. Seems my face it very unique and not adaptable with the RefaceAI.

Online Conference “Real Skills”

Seth Godin announced a digital marketing conference, it’s called “Real Skills”. Sign up for the reminder or register right away (depending on when you read this).

“You can expect the conference to be 80% participation and 20% speakers.” – I am curious about how that will work.

Test your typing speed

In the future, we dictate *all* texts, but until then, most of us will stick to the keyboard for typing long texts. How good are your typing skills? Take the test at

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