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Editing podcasts by editing text | Tool for posting your Instagram pictures to Twitter | Common illustrations | Google Analytics Alternative | and more

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Editing podcasts by editing text

Back in the day when I was recording and editing podcasts, I relied on Audacity. I think many people do still rely on it today, and there is nothing wrong with it.

With podcasts being the number one format of our times, it’s no wonder that new tools pop up that want to change how we edit audio files.

Descript is one of those tools that caught my attention. Instead of fiddling around with your audio track you can now edit it like editing a blog post. At least that’s the promise of Descript.

Editing Podcast audio is just one example. Of course, you can edit any file with a recorded voice.

Check this quick demo video. I was quite impressed.

Besides this key feature Descript points out that it can do a lot of advanced stuff too. Like adding background music, advanced editing of your audio. So Descript wants to replace your audio voice editing software as a whole.

The free subscription allows editing up to 3 hours of speech/month.

Tool for posting your Instagram pictures to Twitter

Instagram and Twitter do not like each other. Instagram posts shared to Twitter do show an ugly link, but the photo is not embedded in the tweet. is the service fixing this issue. I’ve set this up recently and it works just fine. If you don’t mind the branding in your tweets it is free to use.

Common illustrations in your brand color for free

Manypixels is “your personal graphic designer” up in the cloud.

The service provides illustrations for free that can be downloaded in SVG or PNG format. The license does not require attribution.

Google Analytics Alternative

Once a year someone in a meeting asks: Is there an alternative to Google Analytics? Yeah, there are alternatives, but they are either costly, complicated to set up or very limited from a feature perspective compared to GA.

On the other hand, GA collects lots of data that many of us don’t look at.

Ackee is one of those alternatives available. The software is free to download, but you need a dev to set it up on your server.

Check out the demo to learn about what type of web statistics it can provide.

Find out how many posts a WordPress site published

This website tells you how many posts a self-hosted WordPress site has published.

It gets the number right for

Excel – your drum machine

Tired of crunching numbers in Excel? Try the drum machine instead. Download available.

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