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Simple event management app | Increase your email productivity with email templates | Project management tool | Get paid as a blogger and more

Welcome to the blog post version of our newsletter for marketing nerds and entrepreneurs. This post series features apps/tools/resources marketers with a hands-on mentality should know about. Usually, the tools featured are taken for a quick test and a short analysis and context are added. This is more than just a link list!

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Simple event management app

Are you organizing a small event and Facebook events is no option. You do not need full-fledged event management software, instead of just a link to send around where people can RSVP?

Mixily might be the service you were looking for. I registered recently for an event using this service and that got me interested in taking a detailed look.

The web service claims that all event details can be edited on one page. That’s a good way to communicate simplicity.

I signed up and created an event within 5 minutes (while riding the subway).

That’s how the event website created in mixily looks:

Mixily event web app - event overview page

This is clearly not the service for running your next big conference with paid tickets, but good enough for smaller events (low-key) community-driven events.

BTW, these are the privacy settings you get for events with mixily.

Open your calendar for scheduling via your website

Do you want to offer booking office hours via your website? You could provide a booking form with a time & date picker, or show the open slots from your calendar on your website. The second option is more elegant.

Calendly is a service that connects to your Outlook or Google calendar and allows embedding of the free hours on your website.

Calendly Homepage Screenshot

This is how it works:

  1. You connect your calendar
  2. Create an event, like “Free Blogging clinic” with a defined duration
  3. Edit when can people book this event
  4. Add questions that should be answered upon registration
  5. Optional you could also collect payments

With adding a simple embed code you can start taking bookings from your website. Here is a screenshot of how an embedded Calendly event in a blog post could look like:

Calendly Web Embed Screenshot

Increase your email productivity with email templates

There is no shortage of services that promise to improve your email productivity.

Rightinbox is a service that connects to your Gmail account and adds features that especially appeal to marketers or salespeople doing lots of outreach via email.

The tool adds features for recurring emails, templates, different signatures, a send later option, and more.

Rightinbox Screenshot

I personally get annoyed often by poorly executed email campaigns that are obviously created with such tools. Still, I think there are helpful features coming with such services (Fresh van Root runs on ProtonMail, we miss out on all those little extensions that boost your Gmail account).

Project management tool

Are you on the lookout for a new project management tool? Basecamp is a well-known and popular solution. You can now start fiddling around with their product by signing up for their completely free personal plan, that was announced earlier this week.

Basecamp Forver Free Plan Screenshot

Fresh van Root runs on Trello/Todoist/Slack, and we wont change our toolset anytime soon. Basecamp would be one of the tools we would evaluate if we get unhappy with the current tool stack.

Get paid as a blogger

WordPress launched a recurring payment feature. Bloggers that use the Jetpack plugin and blog on can use the new feature.

– Accept ongoing payments from visitors directly on your site.

– Bill supporters automatically, on a set schedule. Subscribers can cancel anytime from their account.

– Offer ongoing subscriptions, site memberships, monthly donations, and more, growing your fan base with exclusive content.

– Integrate your site with Stripe to process payments and collect funds.

via the official blog

That is cool and I hope the feature will be coming for self-hosted WordPress sites too.

No Code website design

Webflow is very popular right now, the web design app is in the no-code hype cycle but it’s actually a very advanced WYSIWYG design tool. I have used it for about 20 hours to get a feel for it and have to say I like it. That’s my verdict after only knowing 5% of what can be done using this app.

To see what you can create with Webflow a designer re-created the Apple AirPod Pro website.

Apple AirPod Pro WebFlow template

Check the original page on Then head over to the Webflow version.

This week Webflow hosted the NoCodeConf in San Francisco. I am sure a lot of interesting stuff was presented. You can rewatch the YouTube live stream (session plan). It’s for sure a big showcase event for WebFlow too.

How good are you at drawing circles?

This website tells you! My best score: 93.2% (on mobile).

Draw a Circle Tweet

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