Handstamp – An App for Creating And Sharing Events

Handstamp is an app that allows you to create events online, easily share them with others, and add to your virtual calendar of choice.

What is cool in this app – is that it creates a shareable link of your event (stamp), which makes it easier to gather all of the future attendees at one place instead of writing the same message in different social networks and messengers. This can make Handstamp a good alternative to Facebook events while organizing private gatherings.

Handstamp can be your Facebook Events Alternative

Why would you want to do that? In recent years people have become fed up with Facebook events, and many are looking for alternatives to organize private events. With tools like Handstamp you can get a link to an event and send that link around on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or whatever Messenger you and your friends use. No Facebook account required!

Handstamp launched on Producthunt a few days ago, and at this time still has a minimalistic feature set, that also means it is pretty easy to use. You don’t even have to enter your email to sign up – Handstamp will synchronize with your phone number.

After this is done, all one should do is add the name of the event, date and time, as well as location. And don’t forget to choose a proper emoji and a background color!

You can also add a link for your event, request money in Venmo, and add a Google Photos link, which can come in handy after a big gathering. Instead of getting tons of messages with requests to send photos from every single participant of the event, everyone can simply add images to the Google Photos folder.

After the event is created, you get a shareable link. You can also easily add your event to a calendar you prefer.

There is also a chat function within each event, as well as a list of guests.

You can always change details in your event as well. However, other guests might not get a notification about it.

The upcoming events are on the homepage of the Handstamp (you should click on the hand), while the past are in your profile (click on the person). The Fresh van Root team found this division a bit odd, and it took us some time to figure out where the events disappear.

The upcoming events section in Handstamp
The past events section in Handstamp

(And yes, it was somewhat challenging to come up with any events during the quarantine.)

All in all, Handstamp is an easy to use app for creating group events. They even have a lot of templates for all kinds of activities. It allows organizing everybody at one (virtual) place, adding the event to the calendar, and chatting – all of it using just one app instead of several. Taking into account that one doesn’t have to sign up, create a password and confirm an email address, all of your friends will use it (especially if they’re too lazy to make new accounts).

Events’ suggestions on Handstamp

However, Handstamp won’t be your first choice application for planning a day or adding chores and plans; it is designed for group gatherings and events.

Handstamp is worth checking out, especially if you’re tired of having all the information about an event stored in different apps. It can primarily be useful for the younger audience who doesn’t use Facebook a lot and is constantly on Whatsapp and Instagram instead. Since these two social networks have neither an event function nor a calendar, it is much easier to create a Handstamp for your event instead of having multiple group chats for each gathering.

The app is available on iOS as well as in a browser and is free to use.

A similar app to Handstamp is Mixily, which we featured in our newsletter a few weeks ago.

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