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TechTalk covers the full life cycle of software delivery, from requirements analysis to launch. TechTalk is also well known for their own products SpecFlow and SpecMap, which make the life of agile developers easier.

Agile coaching for large organisations and offering courses for developers are other areas TechTalk is covering.  

The Brief

TechTalk was looking for a flexible partner, who is willing to “embed” in their internal marketing team. As a software company, TechTalk was specifically looking for an agency with a deep understanding of technology and software development, and a “feeling” for their audience. Fresh van Root helps TechTalk in all areas of digital marketing: Getting landing pages online, researching content for newsletters, setting up Google Ads, covering an event on Twitter, getting a blog polished etc.

TechTalk has offices in Vienna, Budapest, Zurich and Berlin, was founded in 1993 and is a client of Fresh van Root since 2015.

Starting point for the collaboration between TechTalk and Fresh van Root was the relaunch of their corporate website on WordPress. Part of the relaunch was also rebranding their social media channels and establishing the blog as their main communication channel. We closely work with the internal design and marketing team to make that happen.

TechTalk caters to different audiences and therefore needs a way to quickly launch campaigns, landingpages or product sites. We help TechTalk to do so.

2018: Landingpage “Collective Good & Hiring Iniative”

2017: Landingpage for a client case study

2018: Landingpage for the newly launched software as a service product SpecMap.

2016: Relaunch SpecFlow product website. 

2017: Landingpage for “E-Akte”: document and workflow management software for public institutions

Newsletters for developers and IT-decision makers

Researching fitting content, editing the newsletter, monitoring the results are tasks we support TechTalk at.

Social Media Advertising & Google Ads

TechTalk is well known for its engagement in the software developer community. Another part of their business is selling courses for agile developers. We help to streamline the landingpages and to promote their offering with content and ads on Twitter, Google and Facebook.

On-Site & virtual collaboration

Fresh van Root is tightly integrated in TechTalks marketing communications team. This means we are regularly on-site. Yammer and Microsoft Teams are the tools we rely on to work on projects remotely.

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