Order Details - WordPress Kick Start Package

Please provide the following information that is needed to install the product in your account.

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We will send you a link to a form where you can provide all technical details, like login details, GeneratePress and Elementor License Key etc.

Usually you hear from us within hours, maximum 48 hours. Depending on how much orders we have to work on at the moment we will set everything up within 72 hours in your account.

The call will be done within 10 business days after your order. Please be aware that this might be tricky, depending on where you are located. Fresh van Root is based in Vienna (GMT +2), Europe. We are ramping up our team so we can cover all time zones more flexible! We will be able to cover all time zones, but finding a slot that fits everyone is sometimes tricky!

You can buy additional hours of consulting and support!

The call is live! Our expert will walk you through the WordPress dashboard, explain how WordPress, GeneratePress, and Elementor is configured.

After that the call will focus on how you can change content and design, to apply your own brand.

You can access the site prior to the call and look around, so all questions that might come up can be addressed!

No, but short time after that. If you don’t know how to do that we can help you with that. We do not buy it for you!

Yes, we can install WordPress in your hosting account.

We prefer you already set up an empty WordPress install. Usually, your hosting company can help you with that.

WordPress powers 35% of all websites, so most hosting companies provide an easy install routine for it.

No, all content will be lost! we need an empty WordPress site that we can override, a fresh and clean install would be best! Make a backup if you do not want to lose your content. We need admin access to your WordPress site!

No, the site will look an work the same as freshvanroot.com, but it will hold different content (not lorem ipsum, just general business content you can easily change).

The site contains 6 WordPress pages, and 5 different blog posts.

We use images from Unsplash – no worries about the copyright if you continue using the images on your site.

We have the best experience using Zoom. Skype or Google Hangout are also okay. Zoom provides the best experience.

You can browse our frontpage, which links to all sub-pages.

You will get:

We wrote several posts how this website was created, this helps you to understand what you buy and how much time you save by hiring us to do it for you:


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