Elementor Crash Course

Explaining Global Colors & Global Fonts

In this lesson you will see a demonstration of how Global Colors & Global Fonts work in Elementor.

In the next lesson, we will add the settings for global colors and fonts from the Google Doc linked below, you do not have to do this in this lesson.

You can try it out yourself – add a content widgets, like headings or text widgets to a page, and play around with the global colors and fonts settings, like I do in the video above.

It is important to understand the concept of this feature because it makes it much easier later on to create a consistent design experience in Elementor.

In this lesson, you see the following:

  • That global colors and global fonts are accessed via site settings in Elementor
  • That you can change style settings on widget level or via global settings
  • That it is easier to build a consistent design experience using global values
  • Widget level settings will overwrite settings on global level – it is recommended to define global values that work for you most of the time, and that changing style settings on widget level is the exception.

Global Color and Font Settings in Google Docs.