Elementor Crash Course

Creating and preparing our first page for Elementor

Understanding the Elementor Basics

Elementor is installed on top of WordPress, and after you installed Elementor you can design your page, but also add content to it, in one tool – Elementor. You do not have to switch between WordPress Dashboard and Elementor, it’s all done in one tool.

Creating a page in WordPress Dashboard

In WordPress Dashboard, browse to pages, and click Add New. I am naming the page “Home New”, and click on Save Draft.

So, you notice this “Edit in Elementor” Button. When you click it, Elementor is opened and you are leaving the WordPress Dashboard.

Click the Edit with Elementor Button, and you will land on a page that might look something like this.

What you notice at this screen is that there is some basic information displayed, the name of the site “WP Elementor Course” and the site title “Home”. We want to get rid of that, because we want to create the complete page from scratch using Elementor.

Here is how to fix this: Go to settings (bottom left gear symbol) and change the Page Layout. Switch to Elementor Canvas.

Click Save Draft and the page preview on the right refreshes.

Now your page looks like this.

Good, so now you created your first page in WordPress to be edited with Elementor.

BTW: You could also change this page layout setting in WordPress Dashboard. It has the same effect.

Note: If Elementor is not loading, if you hang at the loading screen and Elementor suggests using Safe Mode, take a look at this checklist.