Content Marketing Workshop​

Why Fresh van Root? Years of experience, a rich background in a variety of industries and technologies, a pragmatic hands-on approach.

Customizable Workshop Outline​

"Content Marketing"

How can your brand or company benefit from doing content marketing? How can you come up with content ideas, what does it need to create that content and how much does it cost? How long does it take to see results?

In recent years people have been blogging more than ever before. The reasons: more independent than Facebook, better discoverability in search engines, a more personal approach to content marketing. Like with every online channel, it is important to know the Dos & Don’ts and to know how to create relevant content to establish your company in a target group.

Social Media has established itself as an important outlet for communication. Wether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or one of hundreds of Social Media Tools and Apps – Social Media has become very important since smartphones are around. In this Workshop we will first deal with the Social Media Giant Facebook: We will clear up the differences between personal accounts and company accounts, organic and paid reach, tipps for incorporating in your daily work life. Next to Facebook this workshop will also focus on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Xing and 2-3 more Social Networks. Additionaly we take a look at some of the common apps and tools that will make managing your Social Media activities a lot easier. Based on a fictious Social Media Project, the topics will be combined and presented vividly.


Influencer Marketing has evolved into one of the megatrends in digital marketing in recent years and cant be ignored as a potential tactic in content marketing. In this workshop we will cover how to reasearch influencer fitting to your brand, examine a few brands and their approach to influencer marketing and lots of tips and tricks to not fail at it.

There are many tools and apps that help content marketers to stay productive. We will take a look at several of those tools that aim to help at different stages at your content marketing process.

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Audience & Cost

Cost: EUR 1800 excl. tax and travel expenses

Target audience:

  • Marketing Manager
  • PR-Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Product- or sales managers in an online role


  • Option 1: Inhouse at your company
  • Option 2: At our office
  • Option 2: Worldwide via online meeting