Meet Anica, Social Media Designer at Fresh van Root

Anica started as an intern at Fresh van Root 6 weeks ago, time to ask her how it goes and to introduce her to our readers. In the future Anica will also publish on our blog.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Anica and I am turning 22 in June. One year ago I moved to Vienna, so I could live with my boyfriend. Coming from the countryside and moving to the capital Vienna I couldn’t resist to bring a friend with me, my blind chicken “Abby”. Moreover, I am currently in the last semester of studying Media Technology, with the emphasis on Audio/Video, at University of applied sciences & arts St. Pölten.

What are you working on, how does a typical work week look like?

Usually a typical working day starts with a short meeting, where we talk about projects and tasks which I should concentrate on. Most of the time, I am responsible for the design/realization of different social media postings for several clients. However, sometimes I also have the opportunity to edit videos or to learn more about marketing and website editing.

Any learnings you want to share?

What I definitely realized fast is that I am very confident now with Adobe tools like Photoshop and After Effects, because I have to use them almost everyday. Daily practice helped me a lot to become faster at editing and adjusting minor details. Furthermore, I  got the chance to learn how to edit websites with plugins like Elementor in WordPress.

Tell us about the film project you worked on during your study?

Last semester’s purpose was to develop a specific project within a group. My group consisted of 9 people, who all wanted to produce a movie in Vienna. We knew that our project was going to be bigger than the other ones therefore we started much earlier than everyone else. We started the previous semester by writing our movie script, organizing everyone’s position on set and casting actors from Austria as well as Germany. In conclusion, our movie called ‘Stifado’ is a 45 minutes long drama, meaning it is longer than a short film. The story deals with a greek man, who has to choose between a criminal life or a life with his friends and family.

How do you describe your job to your family?

Mainly I tell them that I am editing pictures and videos, so that the clients we work for can post the content on their social media accounts. Our goal is to win new followers and turn some of those into new customers.

What are your top 3 favorite apps?

One of my favorite app is definitely Instagram, because you can connect with so many people who have the same interests. Moreover, I usually use Pinterest a lot to find inspiration for example to decorate my flat or to discover other creative ideas.

And my 3rd favorite app/tool is naturally Photoshop. I first used it at the age of sixteen and saw the various possibilities to change a picture enormously. Since then I never truly got away from it.

What are some artists you listen to? Point us to some good music!

I don’t really have a favorite music genre, but I have a couple of artists that I certainly like more than others. One of my favorite band since I am thirteen is called Paramore. Another artist that I love to listen to is David Bowie, because I think he always was ahead of one’s time. Otherwise bands like Blink182, A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash,……

Welcome to the team, Anica!

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