Influencer Marketing: There is not much that can go wrong…

.. if you download our E-Book for digital marketers and apply the advice!

This E-Book is a co-marketing effort between and Fresh van Root. The idea was born just a few months ago, now it is reality.


If you work in marketing and consume any sort of industry news you probably came across several articles, studies, blogs or events about this topic. We have written about the hype in 2017.

Our clients ask us to train their marketers on how to integrate influencer marketing activities in their strategy. Not only to set up a one time activity, but to build a long-lasting relationship. Brands want to make it right after reading about failed activities (for your entertainment: 20 examples on how not to do it)

While there are just a few platforms for B2C influencer marketing to use, there are now hundreds of thousands of people who ride the hype wave and want to work with brands to make some money.

Not only the brands got better at working with influencers, but the quality these content creators provide is now at a very different level than 5 years ago.

What are the topics a digital marketer should think about when implementing an activity with influencers:

• How to find and evaluate fitting influencers
• Check if the followers and numbers given are not fake or bought
• Getting in contact with influencers the right way
• What should be part of the contract and brief
• How to define and measure your objectives
• What type of activity best fits to your brand
• Why it is important to disclose that it’s a paid cooperation
• How to disclose your partnership on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Good thing is, we cover this and much more in our E-Book.

Download now

(german version available too!)


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