Today, website creation is going through a massive change. Instead of spending hours learning how to code, you can find many different page-builders to bypass this and get going with your brand new website fast.

Many exist on the market offering amazing features and in our recent post we covered Dorik, a brand new no-code page builder allowing you to create your perfect landing page in no time. 

Dorik accomplished a lot in the past few months, developing a powerful page builder with new features added constantly and still growing. Their page builder, although still in beta, is offering so much to their customers, and can get you going with a website in record time. 

Dorik could be the next game-changer. Competition is strong and offers all kinds of traits, so we decided to write an explainer about the differences between Dorik and the most popular web CMS of all time – WordPress

In this post you will learn what their main differences are and what are pros and cons of each tool to help you pick which one would be the best for your next landing page.

The Main Difference Between The Two

Screenshot of Dorik’s Landing Page

Meet Dorik, the No Code page builder

Dorik is a single page no-code building platform offering a powerful set of tools to build your landing page using either pre-set blocks and templates or building your website from scratch. Currently Dorik offers 120+ UI blocks and 12 pre-made templates with multiple integrations and possibility to make your landing page responsive on tablets and mobile as well. 

With different pricing plans, free or paid, all plans include domain and hosting, giving you an all-inclusive package. Dorik’s great advantage lies in choosing Dorik’s offered subdomains providing you with security and performance needed.

This saves time as they take care of all technical stuff for you, making sure servers are running websites fast. Every website built with Dorik and hosted on their subdomains with hosting via Digital Ocean and CloudFlare come with a free SSL certificate. 

You can also choose to have your own custom domain connected but it is available from the starter plan. 

Screenshot of Dorik’s free and paid plans

Dorik offers multiple integrations with popular services, currently they work Zapier, Integromat, Google Analytics, Mailchimp and much more. They are still in beta so this list is still growing. 

Dorik comes to the market with three plans. Even the basic free plan offers everything you need to create and host a website with your own dorik subdomain (, hosting, SSL certificate and free templates.

Starter and Premium plans will unlock multiple possibilities for more advanced websites. They include custom domains, integrations, subscription forms, and remove the dorik branding. The starter plan is 36$ per year, while Premium is at 60$ per year, making it the best value for the money. 

The Dorik team is currently working on the feature to create multiple pages within one project and link them together (meaning: moving from creating single landing pages to complete websites), more blocks and are adding new features actively. You can follow their public roadmap on Trello.

The editing experience in Dorik is quite different compared to WordPress. With Dorik, you create a single landing page with one specific goal in mind. You do not switch between a backend to manage content and a frontend to preview the content (like in WordPress). Also, you do not search for themes, plugins, or change the design by editing code files.

Dorik is a No-Code and WYSIWYG editor, all in your broser. You do not switch between browser tabs. While editing the page content and design, you always have the same view on the content that your users will have.

Screenshot of a page in Dorik – editing a headline

Dorik also makes it easy to customize your landing page for different devices (switch between mobile, desktop and tablet view with one click).

The web page creation page in Dorik looks like this:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Add a new project
  3. Choose a template that best fits your needs
  4. Start customizing the design and content
  5. Publish the page
sliced citrus fruit
Dorik is the perfect tool for creating a single landing page. Like a knife that cuts fruits and oranges perfectly, but you won’t use it to slice bread. It gives you a beautifully designed landing page without much hassle.

WordPress, the CMS powering the web

WordPress is a free open-source content management system making it easy to build your page without any programming knowledge. It is currently the most popular content management system with page-builder like functionality in the world with almost 40% of websites are powered by WordPress.

Screenshot of WordPress’ product showcase

The only thing you need is your domain and hosting plan which you need to get on your own, making sure you get good hosting to grant fast website performance. WordPress allows you to add themes, plugins but being open-source you need to take care of these things on your own. Managing a WordPress site will take some previous knowledge in coding in case of any technical issues that will occur. You will also need to get into security as you will need to maintain your website, update plugins and extensions regularly, run backups and overall it can be time consuming.

To be fair, that sounds very techy. But thousands of hosting companies have specialized in supporting WordPress making it easy to install and run a website on their servers.

Screenshot of the WordPress Dashboard showing the Plugin “marketplace”

WordPress operates in its own ecosystem where a vast variety of plugins and themes allow you to create a website you want. It is a massive platform that helps you create anything from simple landing pages to complex websites, shops, blogs, and much more. Check out the WordPress showcase page to see which sites run WordPress.

While being a free open-source platform, creating a website with WordPress is not completely free, since you need to pay for hosting and domain. There are a lot of free plugins and themes, but in order to customize everything to your needs you will need to invest in paid versions and it can get pricey.  While you can figure out how to create your own website using WordPress, plugins, and extensions can add up to a few hundred $ in yearly subscriptions.

The website creation process with WordPress would look like this:

  1. Buy a domain and WordPress hosting space
  2. Install WordPress (usually done in a few minutes with a install wizard provided by your hoster)
  3. Research a WordPress theme you want to use
  4. Add plugins if necessary
  5. Customize your sites design and content
  6. Publish your website
  7. Keep WordPress and your plugins updated
  8. Troubleshooting often requires knowledge in coding

Keep in mind that you will need to invest way more hours to get your self-hosted WordPress site live compared to using Dorik.

Don’t confuse vs

Many beginners often confuse vs and end up using the one they initially didn’t plan to. is considered to be the real WordPress, the one everyone mentions and uses when creating websites. It is open-source, 100% free to use but to go live with your website you need a domain and hosting plan. People might refer to this WordPress as a self-hosted one. on the other hand was created by a company called Automattic Inc., founded by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of the open source software project This is confusing because of Matt’s name being present in both versions. is a hosting service offering 5 plans, from free to 5000$ plans, depending on storage needed. It is very limited on a free plan, and to unlock advanced features most websites need, you have to sign up for a paid plan. 

A self-hosted site running WordPress offers many different use cases, like an army swiss knife. Not only landing pages, like with Dorik.

Dorik or WordPress, which one is better for you?

Keeping in mind of its current limits, we think Dorik is an overall winner of this comparison if you want to create a single landing page to promote your service or product. Using a simple no-code page builder, light and logical interface with a wide selection of templates and blocks that are fully customizable, Dorik is ideal for attractive landing pages.

Dorik allows you to skip all technical stuff regarding domains, hosting, security, updates and maintenance. It does limit your freedom in creating custom websites but a wide selection of templates is growing constantly, offering better customization and more freedom design-wise. It is designed with a user experience being in the center of their focus. Every aspect of Dorik is adjusted to give you the best possible website creating experience, with much more to come in the following months.

WordPress will require to get technical when it comes to choosing your hosting. Troubleshooting also becomes an issue when something happens, as it takes time to investigate and find a solution. On the other hand, WordPress gives you more freedom in creating a website however you want, implementing all kinds of features by installing plugins and extensions, but for beginners it might be a bit overwhelming and this is where Dorik shines, as it skips all these steps in between and makes website design almost a game. 

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