Getting started with Content Marketing and Blogging as a Startup

This blog is based on a one hour talk we have given at WeXelerate Online Marketing trends workshop. Here you will see that for the one hour there was a lot planned but Content Marketing is a huge topic with many different disciplines. The focus of the talk was blogging, something that the presenters Nick (senior […] – Create podcasts based on your written content

Podcast creation can be a time-consuming task: record a conversation, edit the audio file and create the transcript for the blog that usually is published along with the podcast. But the tech involved in producing podcasts is changing, thanks to AI, new software, and new hardware. A few examples: Mikme, a new wireless microphone for […]

Startup Marketing: How to invest your first marketing dollars

As a startup founder, you are focused on reaching product/market fit, collecting feedback from your first customers, iterating your product, building business partnerships and raising money. Now that first money has come in, and you can finally think about leveling up your startup marketing. You have the option to hire a full-time marketer, engage with […]