Build Your Next Landing Page Within Minutes With Dorik

Ok. Within Minutes is a bit of a stretch. Prototype your next landing page within minutes, and get it live within hours. Depending on whether your content is ready.

Landing page builders that allow marketers to create pages without writing code – there is no lack of tools to get the job done. I am a huge fan of tools like Elementor, Carrd, WebFlow, Readymag, and many others. I featured some of these tools in my post on how to create a personal website without writing code.

Now another tool emerged in my social media feed. It’s called Dorik, and I took it for a quick spin.

TL;DR: Slick user experience, great templates, the most needed integrations – all the things are there that could make this a popular service for building landing pages.

So how does it work?

Right now, the service is in beta, and you can test it out for free.

After getting access to the service, and creating an account, start building your site. I recommend going with a ready-made template at first, to check out what can be built using the tool.

The available templates at the moment:

Working on the content and the design of a page is all done directly on the page. There is no big toolbar taking up space on your screen. I like this approach.

As you would expect, you can drag & drop elements, change the style and content of elements, move sections and rows.

Here is a quick 1-minute screencast I created to show the editing experience.

Of course, you can start creating a page from scratch. Going with this option means you already have some experience in building web layouts. You need to understand the concept of sections, rows, and columns.

What I do like is the option to choose from available sections and rows to get started. Of course, you can save your own creations as templates to use them later on again in your own projects.

What about integrations?

Out of the box, you can add Google Analytics tracking code, Facebook pixel, and many others. At the moment, Dorik supports the most common services. At least from a marketer’s perspective :)

Dorik also supports Zapier and Integromat, which means you can connect your page to hundreds of other services.

Screenshot on 2020-07-14 at 21:35:59.png

Other notable features:

  • Undo & Redo
  • Autosave every 10 seconds
  • Set Global Styles for your project
  • Good results on Google Page Speed test
  • Edit and preview page in responsive mode
  • Add social media sharing details

A limitation of the service at the moment is that you can really only build single-page-websites. That will change when the service gets out of beta.

Dorik is in beta, but currently offers a limited lifetime deal for beta users. If you like the tool and have upcoming projects that you can use the fool for, give it a try.

Dorik Pricing

Dorik is, of course, not as powerful as Elementor, or WebFlow (yet), but that means it’s also easier to get a page off the ground.

By using Dorik, you do not have to worry about setting up your own WordPress site or do not need prior web design experience (which I think you need with WebFlow).

I will follow the further development of the tool closely since it is definitely a promising service.

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