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Improve your English writing skills

Have you ever typed an English phrase in the Google search box to quickly check if the phrase is commonly used? Ludwig.guru is a “sentence search engine” specifically for that use case. As a German native speaker, I often make the mistake of translating phrases 1:1.

Ludwig.guru does show a search result page and the source in which it is used. If The Guardian or the New York Times uses the phrase, it is correct English, right?

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Basic marketing skills for small business owners or junior marketers

Primer (Android | iOS) is a learning app for marketers or people who want to get into marketing. I have taken the app to the test three years ago and installed it again last week. From building a successful website to customer segmentation, the app covers a broad range of topics to dive into. Lots of content has been added since the last time I used the app.

Lessons do not take longer than 5 minutes and are an easy way to refresh your knowledge. You can read my detailed review of the app.

Free images for your next project

Unsplash is a great resource for free high-quality photography. Rawpixel is an alternative with a catalog of nearly 700K free images. The archive provides more of the classic stock photography compared to Unsplash, but it also offers backgrounds, illustrations, and more.

Edit audio by editing the transcript

In our last newsletter, I featured an app called Descript. The app allows editing your podcast by editing the transcript.

Spext is a similar tool for the same use case.. It seems the future of audio editing is changing, at least for podcasters.

Internet connection speed test

Google allows running a speed test directly from its search page. That means less traffic for speedtest.net and others. I am curious about what type of services Google will integrate in its search results page in the coming years.

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