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Summer is the ideal time to catch up on reading blogs. Here are a few recommendations for open-minded marketers from my reading list.

Pax Facebook

Very nice thought game: It’s 2030, Facebook has discontinued its offer for advertisers, Mark Zuckerberg is not the president of the United States, and an informed society and moral discussion culture arises.

Email design trends

Backgrounds, fonts, buttons, video and many other possibilities are available to create a newsletter. The tools for creating newsletters are easier to use than ever before. The article provides an overview of the design trends in 2017.

Flash Organizations

Teams of qualified people are formed, do the job, and break to new projects. This is called flash organization, modern technology makes this kind of collaboration possible by freelancers. Two professors at Stanford University have researched the topic.

90ies Webdesign

Anyone who regularly implements web projects has already been able to observe this trend. Some ugly things come back, and quite consciously.

Slacks SAAS Growth

No software as a service company grows as fast as Slack. 30% of Slacks trial user change to a paid plan. Slack currently has 4 million Daily Active Users. The article gives a detailed insight into the tactics that have led to this success.

#NoFilter Iran

This web TV series presents 10 photographers from Iran in five minute clips. These mini documentaries give an unfiltered view into different parts of the society under difficult conditions.

Uber’s new CEO

Uber – a hell of a ride the first 6 months of this year. Scandal, after scandal led to the point, were Travis Kalanick had to step down as CEO. Now a new CEO was announced, current chief takes over. It will be interesting if a culture change can happen at Uber.

Deep work

Distraction-free hours for a team will be an advantage over the competition. Interruptions, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, allow the attention to jump back and forth until all your energy is gone. The article provides ideas on how companies can deal with this situation.

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Rolf Mistelbacher

Rolf Mistelbacher

Hi, I am the CEO & Founder of Fresh van Root, a boutique digital agency in Vienna, Europe. I got first online in '96 and since then I am hooked on the web. Here I blog about social media, WordPress and blogging, productivity, apps and tools for digital marketers, and all things related to running a digital agency. Before starting Fresh van Root I was working at Microsoft for quite some time. Get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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