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For 135 years now, the innovative family-run company Kotányi has been spicing up customers’ lives with exotic spices and exquisite taste sensations. The Kotányi brand is available in more than 45 countries worldwide.organisations and offering courses for developers are other areas TechTalk is covering.  

The Brief

Kotányi HQ was looking for an agency that can provide state of the art digital marketing know how for their marketing teams in all markets. A diverse set of topics should be covered: From social media to video marketing, influencer marketing and online advertising.

Different markets have different needs, but Kotányi HQ wants to make sure that the same quality of content and brand tonality is delivered across all of them.

Online Booklet

The umbrella project was called “Online Booklet”. It outlined the motivation, timeline and content that will be delivered during the yearlong project.

Delivering The Content

Fresh van Root delivered several whitepapers covering topics like social media management, video marketing, influencer marketing in deep. These guides were sent out internally to educate and inspire marketing managers.

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