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The main shareholder of Erste Group secures the independent future of one of the largest financial services providers in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

As a private Austrian savings bank foundation, ERSTE Foundation is committed to serving the common good. Goals are to push social innovation, to strengthen European cohesion and democracy, and to promote contemporary culture in Europe.

The Brief

ERSTE Foundation is hosting four events in 2019 to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the savings bank idea in Austria.

The foundation was looking for a partner that can do the following:

👉 Evaluate the existing social media activities
👉 Develop a strategy for amplifying The Tipping Point Talks via social media.
👉 Ongoing operational support to run the social media presences

The Beginning

The starting point for this project was a deep look at the existing social media activities of ERSTE Foundation. We looked at previous campaigns, content formats, ad campaigns and hosted a workshop at ERSTE foundation to present our findings.

This first project in 2018 led to a bigger engagement in 2019.

The Tipping Point Talks

are four full-day events with seminars, lectures, and workshops in Vienna

Each event has a different main topic and keynote speaker.

The evening events are streamed live on Facebook, and the whole event is covered on Twitter.

Setting up for success

It is crucial to plan everything ahead and closely work with the event management to successfully cover an event on social media.

Questions discussed range from choosing the right hashtag, researching the attendees on Twitter, content brainstorming, and preparing the necessary templates that allow easy adaption.

For this event series, we are embedded in the event organization team and regularly meet.

The goals are two-fold: Connect the audience attending the event and get them engaged in an online discussion. Second, reach a much larger community by sharing the ideas and thoughts discussed at the event.

Content example

Being fast is crucial!

If you want to event attendees to amplify your event online, you need to create good content fast. The goal must be to get the emotion across.

Most contents shared were edited and published on-site.

That included recording and cutting video footage multiple times during the day.

Live Stream Marketing

Besides on-site content production, we helped to set up and market the live stream on Facebook and Twitter.

During the event, we are in charge of monitoring the comments and work closely with the video company to ensure stream quality.

Report & Improve

After each event, we take a look at the numbers. How many followers have been generated, how many interactions happened? Any qualitative feedback we want to share?
All this goes back into the planning phase of the next event.

Client Feedback

"Fresh van Root is our professional partner for social media marketing. As a philanthropic foundation, we have goals that are quite different from those of commercial businesses. We deal with sensitive audiences speaking very different languages in every sense of the word. Our product is the discourse itself. We provide a network for civil society and advocate social change and cultural avant-garde. We check our communication equally to meet ethical standards, as we do with our projects for the common good. There are not many service providers in which we trust. Fresh van Root transmits our messages clearly and perfectly fitting to each channel and to our needs."

@luca and @rolfvanroot at work
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