Newsletter #41

LinkedIn Ad Tactic | Twitter Analytics Tool | Unsplash Alternative | Whitehouse runs on WordPress | Gorpcore Streetstyle | and more

Hey, welcome to my newsletter for curious marketers, content/web creators, and entrepreneursContent & tool curation as a service, that’s the mission of this newsletter. Expect stuff about social media, design, marketing, tech, and productivity (twice a month)Stay fresh! Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Twitter getting into the newsletter game (Blog post, 7min)

Twitter bought newsletter company Revue. What do newsletter services offer and how does Revue fit into the Twitter product universe? An overview and analysis. More

The Bannerbear Story (Page, 5min)

Bannerbear is an interesting service that automates image creation (for social media, blogs, etc.). This page about the history of this young startup is an enjoyable read and well-designed. More

The Website Runs on WordPress (Blog post, 5min)

WordPress often gets a bad rap for performance and security reasons. Here is a blog post outlining how the White House website was relaunched using WordPress to run a secure, accessible, heavily visited site. More

Decentralized Web getting Mainstream? (Article, 10min)

Bitcoin and Blockchain make it possible what has long been anticipated to hurt big tech. But all for the wrong reasons – right-wingers flock to decentralized networks that do not have any way of censoring their user’s content. More

Wikipedia turns 20 (Page, 10min)

Time flies. I remember discussing Wikipedia and why it might be better than Microsoft Encarta. Now Wikipedia turned 20, and it created a campaign page outlining its history. It’s also time to remember that in a time of misinformation we need to be thankful for organizations like Wikimedia. (Wikipedia or Netflix).  More

Simple HTML Websites Win (Blog post 5min)

A reminder why websites should also work on shitty browsers. More

Enough of those Insta Ads

Instagram is trying very hard to turn us all into shoppers. There is room for a competitor. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

LinkedIn Ads – Go after your competition

I was surprised how little is written about LinkedIn member skill targeting. It is a powerful feature that we used successfully in recent campaigns with clients. This post gives an idea of how you could apply this tactic. More

Analyze any Twitter Account

Get useful data (location, time, topics, tweet types, …) about any Twitter account. Especially useful if you think about how to grow your Twitter account. Use this tool to learn how your competition is managing their accounts, and improve your strategy. A one minute demo of More

Convert nearly any file type

I am a long-time user of cloudconvert. I have converted videos mostly using this service, and it has never left me hanging. More

Website Performance Resource by Google is both a page speed test service and a site with lots of content to educate yourself on the various topics influencing your website’s performance. More

Review: The new 2021 WordPress Theme

Every year the WordPress team releases a new default theme that is coming with every new WordPress install. We like the 2021 version of the theme so much we think about starting a blog just to play around with it. More

Unsplash Alternative

This site looks like Unsplash back in the day. More

📣 Fresh van Root

📱 Marketing Ketchup

My marketing buddy Tom launched a new video series called Marketing Ketchup. I was invited to be his first guest. We talk about website performance, Figma, community management, LinkedIn, and more. Follow Tom, or subscribe to his newsletter.  Watch Episode 1 Season 1

🎉 Still On Sale: Elementor Crash Course

For a few more days you can get it for 33$, instead of 100$. More

🔗 One More Link

Have you heard about … (Twitter Thread)

a street-style trend called “Gorpcore”. Me neither! More

Two groups of penguins (Video)

“… pass each other, stopping briefly to exchange information.” More

Harlem Shake vs Bernie Sanders (Video)

Better be fast! More