Newsletter #10

Create your own isometric illustrations | Unsplash for video and art | Connecting Creators and Brands | Google .NEW shortcut domain | and more

Welcome to another edition of Random List of Apps/Tools/Resources for Nerdy Marketers and entrepreneurs. In this blog post series, I am sharing stuff that I discover in my RSS reader, on Twitter, in newsletters and elsewhere.

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Create your own isometric illustrations

Isowhat? In recent years lots of websites showed cool looking illustrations right in the hero area of their homepage.

These graphics are called isometric illustrations (something I just learned). Now, this cool web app called isobuild allows you to build such graphics for your own brand. I will definitely try to create something with it.

Unsplash for video and art

I am sure there are hundreds of sites out there that want to be “the Unsplash for video”. Mixkit is one of those sites.

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Connecting Creators and Brands

I discovered Mixkit via DSKO, a site that launched on ProductHunt this week. It aims to be a directory (now) or platform (in the future?) where creators and brands connect.


I signed up with my personal profile and created one for Fresh van Root too. As I wrote on Twitter, I especially like the slick design of the site and how profiles are connected. Over on Producthunt, I asked the question of how the creator of DSKO plans to get users to flock back to the page. Heres more about it.

Google .NEW shortcut domain

Google owns the top-level domain .NEW. Until recently .NEW was only connecting to google services:,, and slides new.

Now .new will do some more magic tricks, like creating a new Spotify playlist (, starting a new story on medium ( and so on.

I don’t think that this is needed at all and I also dislike that the .new domain is owned by Google. Read the announcement by Google.

Online Whiteboard

In one of the last editions, I featured Currently, heavily advertises in my Twitter feed. I took a quick look and “Whiteboard” is only the umbrella term. You can choose one of the available templates, or create your board from scratch.

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The idea is to collaborate while working on a board. Miro supports conferencing. It also integrates into a lot of the known productivity tools you already use. Check out their fancy homepage.

WordPress plugin Site Kit from Google

There are plenty of plugins out that allow showing Google Analytics data inside your WordPress dashboard. Now Google has released their own plugin for doing that and more. You can connect Search Console, Google Ads, and PageSpeed insights.

I installed the plugin and took a look. Telling from this quick first look, existing 3rd party solutions are more powerful, but the plugin will improve and it’s, of course, better to have one plugin that can integrate all the services from Google. In the long run Google should be able to provide the best experience for connecting their services to WordPress. Read the official announcement.

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AI-generated profile pictures

Need a profile photo of a person that does not exist? Try the AI-generated pictures from

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