Tool tip: Sharing text from a page to Twitter with Chirp Chrome extension

Chirp for Twitter Chrome Extension - explained in one GIF

I got a tip to check out this little Chrome extension called Chirp for Twitter. It makes sharing text excerpts of websites to Twitter really easy, and as that is something I do often I was looking for a little tool to help with that for quite some time. The extensions page only shows around 800 users, which tells me not many people know about it.

A tweet created with the Chirp Chrome extension

With Twitter’s character limit adding screenshots of websites to tweets has always been a thing on Twitter. Your current workflow for this may require a few manual steps, like taking the screenshot, saving it locally and adding the screenshot to a tweet.

Now the Chrome extension Chirp removes those manual steps. Install and connect your account once, then start saving a few clicks on every site shared. You select a text and a little Twitter icon appears next to the selected area. you can select the area you want the screenshot to cover (so not only the highlighted text but maybe also the text before and after the highlighted text. With one click you can create a screenshot and a little overlay appears where you add the tweets text. You are done.

Chirp for Twitter Chrome Extension - explained in one GIF
Chirp for Twitter Chrome Extension – explained in one GIF

But it does not only help you to quickly share links to Twitter. If you access a site and someone shared the article via the extension, a little overlay in the bottom right corner shows it to you.

The Chirp browser overlay shows what others tweeted about that page.

So the extension also provides a way to discover other Twitter users talking about the same content, and you get the tweet displayed on the site and can join the discussion via replying.

In my role as a social media manager I would have a few feature requests: making it possible to connect multiple Twitter accounts, and enable publishing to Facebook and LinkedIn too.

If you are using Chrome and Twitter, check out the extension in the Chrome web store!

To get an impression of what tweets created with the extension look like you can search Twiter for via @get_chirp.

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