Fresh van Root is growing! (+1 announcement)

Nick Stein joines Fresh van Root

We have some news hot off the press today.

Welcome to the prototype of our first podcast on anchor, we are recording today from sektor5 co-working spaces in Vienna. Read the transcript below or listen in on Anchor listen in on Soundcloud!

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Fresh van Root is growing

We are going to not only expand the team but also increase the services we offer for startups.

Nick joined me for this podcast, and I will interview him what experience he brings to our team.

Nick Stein joines Fresh van Root
Nick Stein joins Fresh van Root

FvR: probably best if you introduce yourself.

Nick: Ok, time to market myself I suppose. I have been working in various areas of marketing for over 14 years, split between multi-nationals & startups in both the UK and DACH region (SWAG).

FvR: Don’t be cryptic, name some names and some of the areas you worked in

Nick: Cool. 14 years is a long time so I will reduce to some highlights.

  • MLB in experiential marketing
  • Ogilvy running sports sponsorship accounts, Manchester United/AIG being the biggest
  • Project Management for BBC and British Council – slight marketing detour
  • Currently startup consultant for B2B Tech startups, being one of the bigger names, there rest you will hear about soon.

FvR: Thanks Nick. Some impressive names there. What do you bring to the FvR team?

Nick: Ahh, the million, hopefully, billion dollar question. Well, as everyone knows FvR stellar work already, I hope to continue to add to the reputation.

My working career has been Europe based but I am American. So add this to the UK experience, I have a very good understanding of both those important commercial markets.

In addition to that, I have managed worldwide campaigns, teams of upwards of 15 people and get startups as I tried to get a project off the ground already.

FvR: So now our readers know why we are welcoming you aboard with open arms. Do you want to make the next announcement?

Nick van Root: (see the change there, he is now one of us)

With pleasure. FvR will be part of the biggest accelerator in Central Europe in WeXelerate as channel partners. We are going to offer our vast experience to all the 50+ startups in the first batch.

A great thing about the years of experience is that we have seen a lot and can hopefully save these startups a lot of money, time and drive them to be successful.

So expect the Fresh van Root team to hang out at the WeXelerate office in the coming months. Thanks Nick for the interview.

We are going to be covering our time at WeXelerate on our blog. In doing so, we are likely to try out a few cool tools – like Anchor. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to learn about the startups at WeXelerate.

Thanks for listening in


Cover Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

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