Four Apps to Up Your Insta-Game This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to explore some new Insta Apps to make sure you’re on top of your game. Because who doesn’t want to have the perfect influencer feed? In this blog post, I’m going to introduce four apps that might just do that for you.

The first app I’m going to talk about is SwipeMix iOS or Android

If you want to make your Instagram posts with multiple photos look good while swiping, this is the app for you. SwipeMix lets you choose from several templates (from a collage of two pictures up to nine), after adding your photos, the app creates a collage that will look great on your account.

A post by Northface on Instagram using collage style that’s very popular on Instagram

Collages that look like the one shown above by Northface have become more popular in the last year, and are used by a lot of big Instagram Accounts. SwipeMix makes it possible for people other than web designers to create this effect without using Photoshop. This type of collage effect is very common already, the app only helps average users to use the effect.

Are you trying to figure out how to upgrade your stories? SCRL (iOS only) makes it easy to give your posts a personal touch. Just like SwipeMix you can choose from a lot of templates, however, they will only fit the story format. Adding text and stickers is also no problem with this app.

If you upload a story to Instagram without editing it first, the picture might not fit the format, that’s why all of the templates on SCRL are made to fit the story format. The app helps you solve this problem with templates to put your pictures in.

Another story tool is InStories (iOS only), and like almost all the other apps it’s limited to only a few templates without paying for the premium edition. It still has a rather large range to choose from with categories like ,,Friends” and ,,Travel”. Just like SCRL, the layout is only designed for stories (as you guessed from the apps name).

You get a greater experience with InStories than SCRL without having to pay for the app, and the templates are also more customizable (i.e. options for formatting text).

PicMonkey is a fun app to create Instagram posts that stand out. It lets you edit your pictures by putting filters over it, adding stickers and so on. Their features are pretty similar to the editing options you get on Instagram but still more diverse. It’s the only app mentioned in this post that lets you use all of its features for free.

These are just a few of the hundreds of apps available to tune your Instagram account. However, the app that makes you instantly an influencer is still not available but lots of these apps help you pretend to be one.

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