WordPress in the cloud for the non-techie: Amazon Lightsail

For a recent consulting project we did evaluate the messaging and social media accounts of the big cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure) and discovered the relatively new service Amazon Lightsail (launched in December 2016). Lightsail targets a less tech savvy audience than the typical Amazon cloud customer and offers a fixed […]

Tools for Team Productivity: Apply the One-In, Two-Out Rule

These tools won’t make your team more productive: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Facebook Workplace, Hipchat, SharePoint. All these tools came to life because many people thought that there is an issue to be solved around teamwork and team productivity. The much hated email inbox was the target for a long time, after we realized that […]

A first look at Microsoft Teams and how it compares to Yammer and Slack

Microsoft wanted to buy Slack, but that did not work out, and Microsoft developed its own social enterprise chat solution, called Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s tagline for this new product is “a chat-based workspace in Office 365.” As I am a user of both Slack and Yammer, I activated Teams right after the announcement of the […]

An Introduction to Web Push Notifications and How to Get Started

Push notifications were app-exclusive until April 2015. With Google Chrome version 42, website owners have the opportunity to get users back to their site by sending a push notification via browser. This post provides a brief overview of how push notifications work and what you, as a digital marketer, have to think about before implementing […]

piqd: Wo Journalisten lesenswerten Content teilen

Auf Nuzzel fischt ein Algorithmus Content aus meinem Twitter Feed, am Content Sharing Netzwerk This. posten Medien und User maximal einen Link pro Tag, und auf Piqd empfehlen Journalisten lesenswerten Content max. einmal am Tag. piqd ist ein Medien Startup aus Deutschland auf dem Journalisten Content empfehlen. Der Content ist in Themenchannels organisiert und das […]

Vorstellung der Content-Sharing Plattform This. #OneLinkPerDay

Passende Ergänzung zum letzten Post über Nuzzel, das Tool das lesenswertes aus meiner Twitter Timeline fischt, stelle ich in diesem Post This.cm vor. Das Social Web Tool möchte nicht mit Filtermethoden über bestehende Netzwerke guten Content hervorbringen, sondern erlaubt seinen Usern nur einen Link pro Tag zu teilen. Das ist auch schon die Kernfunktion mit der […]