Author: Olena Levitina

Content & Social Media Editor at Fresh van Root.
Social Media & Content Marketing

Best of the Fresh van Root Newsletter 2022

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Apps & Tools for Content Creation

App Review: AI Video Tool Synthesia Studio 

Last Update: February 21, 2023 Video content draws attention and gets shared the most on all social networks. It is common to think that video …

Apps & Tools for Content Creation

How to Create a Waveform for a Video

Recently, we’ve been asked to create an audio waveform, or an audiogram, for a client’s podcast. It is a typical tool for teasing long-form content …

Apps & Tools for Content Creation

Livestorm: The Professional Webinar Solution

Since the demand for video conferencing tools is going up, more of them are appearing. And they keep getting better because there is no chance …

Social Media & Content Marketing

6 TikTok Alternatives You Should Know About

TikTok has made a lot of noise this year and has developed in a real market. But with its ban in India and all the …

Social Media & Content Marketing

How to Make Your Instagram More Vivid

It is not a secret that Instagram is all about visuals: even if the caption is perfectly written and has a lot of useful information, …