8 Tools Content Creators Can Try Out While Working from Home

You are working from home, which probably means you save some time by not commuting, and having fewer or shorter meetings. As a result, you have more spare time. Why not use it to try out new tools that might change how you and your colleagues work together?

Here’s a list of tools we recently took to the test and can recommend taking a look at.

Create Graphics For Your Social Media Posts

It’s really easy to start editing the social media templates provided by Figma. Cool feature: you and your team can work on graphics together in real-time.

Collaboratively Create a Website Mockup or Flowchart

I am a fan of Whimsical. Great user experience, fast results. Read why.

Try Zoom alternative Whereby or Jitsi Meet

Zoom is getting all the hype, what about its alternative Whereby? It’s free to use with up to 4 users. Prefer an open-source tool? Then try Jitsi Meet.

Create a Meme

Choose a meme of your liking and get the job done with Kapwing’s meme generator.

Finally, Create Your Personal Website

Without writing code, of course. How long have you thought about creating your personal website, but have never found the time for it? It’s really easy these days to get started.

Add Subtitles to a Video

Record a video with your webcam and upload it to Subly for adding subtitles.

Podcast Editing

Record an audio snippet on your phone or with Audacity and try to edit it in Descript. No clue about audio editing? No worries, with Descript you can edit your podcast like a text file. This is the only tool in this list that requires you to install software locally on your machine.

Take an online course

Check out the course by ahref that teaches you all the basics about blogging and why it’s good for your business.

Or learn how to code your own website by taking this course by Gatsby.

These are just some of the tools we discovered and tested in recent months. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay ahead of the curve.

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